Malicious Compliance: Relief Aid from USA to Iraqis a Horrific Joke
Hat Tip: Nelson Abdullah

Iraq is turning into a massive killing field. Mount Sinjar runs red with the blood of the Yazidi, who are being systematically exterminated. The entire place smells of death and suffering. And Obama hits the golf course, because only Christians and non-Muslim Iraqis die young in Iraq. So who cares? Fore!

Looking for a wild time? I’ve got just the right place for you… Mt. Sinjar is the forced last refuge of the Yazidi of Iraq. 10’s of thousands have been herded there because they were given the choice of conversion to the proper sect of Islam, pay the Jizya tax of die by — take your choice — beheading, crucifixion, flogging or being buried alive. Unfortunately, cake was not a choice this time. Just death. Dogs are eating the dead as they fall. The Yazidis succumb to the heat, thirst or to spare their children, they throw them from the mountain so the Jihadists (ISIS) will not get them.

Horror: Yazidis on Mount Sinjar with the bodies of children killed by ISIS
Up to 70% of them are now dead. When relief helicopters from the Iraqis deliver food and water, hundreds swarm for the little in sustenance left. When any of them are rescued, it is usually a dozen or so at a time, because there is no room and the helicopters can’t land on the rocky terrain. Few are rescued. The mountain is surrounded by ISIS.

Remember WKRP in Cincinnati and the skit on turkeys? There is a famous quote:

Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Well, giddy up for the US’ version of a horrific joke… Yes, American helicopters are delivering food, water and supplies — from 15,000 feet up and with no parachutes. So when the stuff hits the ground, it busts open. Hard to drink water that is soaked into the sand:

Two American aid flights have also made it to the mountain, where they have dropped off more than 36,000 meals and 7,000 gallons of drinking water to help the refugees, and last night two RAF C-130 transport planes were also on the way.

However, Iraqi officials said that much of the US aid had been “useless” because it was dropped from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploded on impact.

I swear I thought turkeys could fly… At first blush, you would think that the Americans are a bunch of morons. I’m not so sure it wasn’t on purpose. The US media propaganda is flying hot and heavy, claiming we have rescued thousands there and that only 500 have died. Unmitigated bull crap. They crow about aid delivered, but don’t include the small detail that it is destroyed on impact. How very convenient.

It’s not just those dying on the mountain… they are dropping like flies across the country. Genocide is being conducted very successfully by the Caliphate against Christians and other minorities. Ethnic cleansing is being carried out and no one is stopping it. No one.

The stories are blood curdling:

The refugees who made it out described desperate scenes as they awaited help from the outside world.

“There were about 200 of us, and about 20 of that number have died,” said Saydo Haji, 28. “We can live for two days, not more.”

Emad Edo, 27, who was rescued in an airlift on Friday at the mountain’s highest point explains how he had to leave his niece, who barely had enough strength to keep her eyes open, to her fate.

“She was about to die, so we left her there and she died,” he said.

Others shared similar stories. “Even the caves smell very bad,” Mr Edo added. According to several of the airlifted refugees, the Geliaji cave alone has become home to 50 dead bodies.

Saydo Kuti Naner, 35, who was one of 13 Yazidis who snuck through Islamic State lines on Thursday morning, said he travelled through Kurdish-controlled Syria to get to Kurdistan.

He left behind his mother and father, too old to make the rough trip, as well as 200 sheep. “We got lucky,” he said. “A girl was running [with us] and she got shot.” He added that this gave enough cover for the rest of them to get away.

Mikey Hassan said he, his two brothers and their families fled up into Mount Sinjar and then managed to escape to the Kurdish city of Dohuk after two days, by shooting their way past the jihadists. Mr Hassan said he and his family went for 17 hours with no food before getting their hands on some bread.

What if you had to run? Leave everything behind. Could you choose to leave your parents? Those who are sick or weak? That is their choice or die. And they could still very well die. It’s not just the Yazidis, who are Kurdish… Tens of thousands of Christians have also been forced to flee in the face of the advancing ISIS fighters, many cramming the roads east and north to Erbil and Dohuk. On Thursday alone, up to 100,000 Iraqi Christians fled their homes in the Plain of Ninevah around Mosul.

Obama’s airstrikes were far too little, too late and he knew they would be. He is supporting the Caliphate while claiming he is fighting it. He is the vilest of liars. Obama knew the Christians would be slaughtered and I believe he is fine with that:

Refugees said the American air strikes on IS positions outside Erbil were too little, too late. They said they felt abandoned by everyone – the central government in Baghdad, the Americans and British, who invaded in 2003, and now the Kurds, who had promised to protect them.

“When the Americans withdrew from Iraq they didn’t protect the Christians,” said Jenan Yousef, an Assyrian Catholic who fled Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian town, in the early hours of Thursday. “The Christians became the scapegoats. Everyone has been killing us.”

Obama will play slap and tickle with his feigned aid to the Iraqis just long enough to help the elections here in the United States. This is all for political show. The US’ aid to Iraq is nothing more than malicious compliance and it is a horrific joke. Watch the other hand, because within its grasp is a holocaust.


  1. Genghis Khan won’t be crucifixion, flogging and bury alive people he always kill the men who fight against them and rape women that’s why many generation descendant linked genetic to Genghis Khan as their ancestor

  2. ISIS Al Qaeda Jihadists are intelligent to rape Yazidis women to keep their genetic procreation further toward violents. Sigh when are they going to harm America is the key to the question.

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