Burt Rutan Explains Fallacies of the NWO’s Man-Made Global Warming Myth

This is one man with a gift for intellectual honesty and epistemological discipline, traits exactingly necessary in the field in which he displays astounding, humble excellence, aerospace engineering.

Depiction Burt Rutan's Space Ship One, the first private space ship in human history

Burt Rutan’s and Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne, the first private space ship in human history

Dick Rutan, expert data gatherer and data analyst, interviewed by Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat.com; more than worth an hour’s time, to gain true perspective in the face of titanic deceit:

Burt Rutan on Climate Change – WUWT-TV November 14th 2012

Much could be excerpted. Why get in the way? I’ll just add a bit.

Look for these traits, when looking into the machinations of those behind anthropogenic global warming theory, along with Agenda 21 and Millennium Goals:

  • centralization of corruptive power, money, and other influences, multi-venue and global
  • hoarding, controlling, and rationing of resources
  • control of “human resources” including population reduction, urbanization, and unnatural experimentation
  • special, corrupt financing for those willing to participate in its subjugating work
  • pseudo-altruism through institutional coercion, including but not limited to government collectivism
  • the use of manageable ideologues, as well as those rewarded or extorted, as puppets and chess pieces
  • propaganda, a.k.a., psyops, especially the rallying to the cause against the foil
  • dialectic manipulation, by both the revolutionary antithesis “vanguard” and the synthesizing, syncretic compromisers with it
  • psychological projection, of its own malevolent attributes onto those of its foil of the dialectic thesis
  • persecution of those in the way
  • darkness
  • track record in history, especially since the 1770’s

Frederick Glaysher:

The Thinker

Staring into the portal I see humankind
stretched out on the rack of this century,
gassed in the trenches of Europe,
vivisected in the meat shops of Germany,
forced to kowtow in China and India,
in Africa and the archipelagoes,
by the British, the French, the Japanese,
by all those intent on empire,
intent on the worship of themselves.

Staring into the portal I see ourselves
revealed in the terror of what we are,
of what we cannot face, cannot bear,
try always to ignore,
while the cost grows greater and greater,
while like Ugolino we grope over the dead,
the victims of our rapacity,
our devouring lust.
“O Master, the sense is hard.”

Copyright (c) 1999 Frederick Glaysher. My Rodin sequence has a I & II…

h/t: Rich

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