Vallely: The Southern Border – Time to Boldly Lead

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

“This incursion is not just a border issue but rather it points to ineptitude, beltway gridlock, political correctness, special interest lobbyists, and a complete alteration of the demographics in states, giving rise to the fact that this is intentional; our actions must reflect this fact.”


By: Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (Ret)
Contributors: Denise Simon, Scott W. Winchell
Stand Up America

Back in 2011, we at Stand Up America US raised the alarm on the threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border. We rated the threat from our Southern Border just as great as the Middle East (except for Iran and proxies, along with the Afghanistan/Pakistan conflict).

We raised the alarm then that inaction by our government were treasonous, and our leadership in Washington, D.C. continued on a rudderless course when it came to National Security, especially concerning our homeland along our Southern Border.

We need leaders now that understand the current threat and vulnerabilities to be much worse than we wrote about in 2011.

We are now being flooded by the young on the Southern border and predictions indicate this is just the beginning. Constant enforcement of standing immigration law has been a debate going back to the 1980’s but now we have a crisis of epic proportion.

Solutions since the 1980’s are getting more convoluted given all the amendments and exceptions to the law, along with selective enforcement under the current administration.

To stem this tide, we call for an immediate 45-day closure of the entire southern border with access to commercial enterprises only.

In 2011, published federal reports exposed how the U.S. government was prioritizing environmental preservation over national security by keeping Border Patrol agents out of wildlife refuges. These are areas that are heavily transited by Mexican drug and human smugglers.

This created ‘no-go zones’ in America, leaving these geographic cells to unauthorized aliens and warning signs for citizens are posted. Now it is all but certain that this was but one major issue. It is time that ‘no-go zones’ be placed in Mexico, not in the USA.

The newest incursion dilemma emanated directly from the White House, Department of Homeland Security and the State Department simply under the memorandum of a White House edict. The lobbyists pressured the White House and associated agencies, particularly the Department of Justice, to find loopholes in the law to allow Obama to skirt the law.

One such loophole was a 2008 law signed by President George Bush that was legislation to deal solely with sex trafficking, now it is being used for the influx of the young, many unaccompanied by adults.

This administration had no intention of securing the border unless the House passed the Senate version of new immigration law first, all while claiming it was more secure than ever before. Since they said it was secure, they said it was time for comprehensive immigration reform, but this was never true.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY OSCAR BATRES A MToday, Border Patrol, ICE, and the court system are being overwhelmed in broad daylight with an excessive volume of cases that must now be processed.

The roots of this latest incursion are grounded in the months and years of the implementation of a tacit invitation for those most in harm’s way to come to the US, where they were assured they would not be sent back under any circumstances.

The proof is emerging daily on this point, ask the kind folks from the City of Murrieta, California, San Diego, even up north in Massachusetts, and nearby in Oklahoma to name a few examples.

We can rehash the causes, but the fact of the matter remains, unauthorized aliens will continue this insurgency and no one in leadership is suggesting any solutions except for throwing billions at the problem without addressing the core issues. These requested dollars still do not begin to tighten the border in any form.

I hold out little hope that I am about to suggest will ever take place, but it is time we stood and demanded it of the White House, with the backing of our representatives in Congress.

Of course, we expect no legislative measure can survive a trip to the Senate unless it is exactly what the President wants, but if enough of America stands with those willing few in the House of Representatives, maybe we can force Obama to act appropriately. By acting, we do not mean more speeches and the blame game; we mean real action as follows.

It is now time to enforce the rule-of-law and to protect Americans and the homeland FIRST.

We will stand for no more excuses, no more delays, no more politics,
no more kowtowing to special interest groups, and no to this open-border fanaticism.

The fact is, the citizens of the USA are being inundated with undue safety, health, and economic pressures at a time when there have still been no tangible solutions placed on the table for debate. This latest upheaval rivals the violence, and lawlessness of any time since 1846. We cannot afford to deal with their diseases, the expense of their care, schooling, housing, clothing, and health care.

Mexico has a choke point where it would be far easier to cut off the flow of the young heading north to the much longer border – complicit? Yes! (click to enlarge)

It should be noted that two previous presidents launched firm and aggressive deportation programs; both were deemed successes, only later to have a subsequent administration relax the enforcement of law again causing a grade of a failed operation. (Eisenhower and Clinton, versus Obama)

This may sound a bit heartless, but it is a self-inflicted wound brought upon us by another failed foreign policy and a most complicit and corrupt nation that is Mexico.

These children are placed in serious jeopardy for political gain. Barack Obama has proven his feckless policy and detached energy by deciding he is no longer interested. He will not even go to the border himself. Here is where the American people step in with a united and forceful voice.

If our Federal Government will not execute an operational plan to secure our southern borders then the individual States must exercise their Tenth Amendment rights without equivocation.

This incursion is not just a border issue but rather it points to ineptitude, beltway gridlock, political correctness, special interest lobbyists, and a complete alteration of the demographics in states, giving rise to the fact that this is intentional; our actions must reflect this fact.

As a starter, the governors of California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico must employ the National Guard in each state to completely shut the state borders down immediately. The bill for the costs will then be sent to the federal government after the problem is solved. This would be a forty-five day moratorium on all cross-border traffic with trade and commerce being a petitioned exception.

This would provide some breathing room to stem the tide and regain our senses legally speaking. America is a sick patient. The patient’s vital signs are unstable at this moment, therefore, we need immediate triage, and we must stabilize the patient first.

Then we can go on the offensive for immigration reform that starts with border security first. We can get these young illegal immigrants already here into safe havens and then back home, but not into unsuspecting communities who are right to be in abject fear. We cannot take in any more now, period.

Mexican Border Zones

Mexican Border Zones

Now if I were the Commander-in-Chief, I would act as if we were on a war-footing and I would have my military commanders planning and executing a strategy that would swiftly and decisively defeat those who aim to enter our country from the south and bring the border under control.

I would also make it a priority that our other borders, ports of entry such as international airports and seaports as well,  are secure. I would also ratchet up the enforcement of laws concerning those who over stay their visas.

I would also create emergency State Department plans to include creating operational diplomatic teams comprised of State, CIA, and DOD personnel. Both diplomatic and force solutions will be required from this point forward.

We doubt Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, or any other southern entity will be happy, but we no longer care. The problem is just as much theirs as it is ours, and we need to force their action as well.

Here are the categories of action to be taken and action items for each:

State Department:

  • Immediately designate all drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations;
  • Recall each ambassador and their top staffers for immediate diplomatic realignment to facilitate the following:
  • Create the “operational teams” to immediately visit the following countries, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador;
    • The message upon arrival for each nation: NAFTA will be suspended indefinitely, along with all aid to each government. All monetary initiatives such as USAID, and the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, and Education, will be suspended and investigated. In all, 24 agencies provide foreign assistance with Columbia receiving the most;
    • All Visa programs, including ‘free zones’ will be suspended indefinitely for Central and South American nations;
    • All wire transfers to these nations from private citizens will be frozen;
    • Demand to have aired, or seize the air waves by whatever means necessary in each nation to broadcast one message: “Stay Home, you will not be allowed to cross into America, period.” To be repeated incessantly;
    • All international flights will continue and air freight will be allowed, but ZERO land or water crossing will be permitted without prior leave to do so with the suspension of NAFTA.

Department of Justice:

This June 24, 2014, file photo shows Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson listens while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington before the House Homeland Security Committee hearing about the growing problem of unaccompanied children crossing the border into the US. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, file)

  • All illegal immigrants with felony records will be immediately identified and arrested by the FBI. Each will be housed on an existing air base for immediate deportation to their country of origin on a military transport. Military escorts will be employed where necessary to ensure safety for all involved;
  • DOJ teams will be formed to investigate all contractors doing business with the immigration ‘industry’ and firms doing any business associated with any cartel;
  • A Special Prosecutor will be assigned to investigate individual state leadership for complicity in the facilitation of illegal immigration activities;


  • Set up and implement a 20KM deep ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Operational ‘no-go zone’ for the entire length of the Mexican border with the US;
  • Form several military incursion units that will be deployed on the Mexican side of the border. No federal troops will be used on the American side;
  • Units will ensure that those on the American side can deal with the issues at hand without worry for their safety.
  • In major cities along the border in Mexico, armored American units should be deployed with sizable infantry units to act on ‘no-go zone’ infringement;
  • Aerial assets will be significantly increased to assist with currently deployed units. Drones, fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters will patrol both sides of the border and will be protected by jet fighters orbiting the zone.
  • Threats will be targeted, such as ‘coyotes’, both human and drug trafficking cartels, and each will be identified and taken out on the spot. Great caution will be employed to reduce the chances that injury will come to civilians in these operations.

With these safeguards in place to stabilize the patient, and proactive measures deployed diplomatically, we can and must stem the bleeding.

The political tumult over the Southern Border has never been greater. A significant percent of Americans now feel the pain across the land and want change now. Additionally, this will significantly stem the tide of other threats crossing into our backyards here in America. These include elements from the Muslim Brotherhood and the global jihadists like the “IS” in Iraq/Syria who are openly threatening to attack here again.

America…We must act NOW for the welfare and security of our precious nation.


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