Revolt BY U.S. Government: Former Border Patrol Agent Warns What’s Coming

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Zack Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico
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The video interview posted here is worth watching in its entirety. Zach Taylor is a 27 year veteran Border Patrol agent with supervisory experience. He has testified before Congress as an expert witness on criminal activity in wilderness areas. His message is credible. He accuses the federal government in a coverup that is deliberately shielding critical information from the public.

Taylor says that whoever is perpetrating the border crisis is engaged in a perfect asymmetrical military tactic. While the American people focus on “the children,” he points out that they are actually only a tiny proportion of the people crossing the border. That we are apprehending about 10 percent of the illegal border crossers, and that the other 90 percent are not children. Since only 10 – 15 percent of those apprehended are children, that means we are focused on about 1 percent of the problem. The adults that we are missing are bringing in weapons, personnel and supplies while our attention is diverted by the needs of the children.

He says a very credible informer told him that that the most dangerous crime element in Mexico City is Russian Mafia. That means KGB. Few people know this, but the Soviets entered a secret pact with Mexico very early in the last century, almost certainly with the eventual aim of utilizing Mexico’s strategic position in offenses against the U.S. There is little doubt in my mind that the border crisis is an endgame strategy designed to bring in the people and weapons that will kill us. And Taylor asserts that Obama is in on the plan.

The only way to defeat this border swamping strategy is for state governments to initiate independent action with assistance from American volunteers. The federal government is betraying our country and its representatives are betraying their oath to “support and defend” our Constitution and country “from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Time for governors to stand up, seal the border and begin deporting aliens on their own. We need to get aggressive here. Otherwise Obama and his fellow communists will steal our country from us while we watch. And we are likely setting ourselves up for a terrorist attack. As Dick Cheney has warned, another attack is coming which will be far deadlier than 9-11.

Watch the video and support the “Back to the Border” film project.


  1. Well, I honestly think that our constitution does not apply any more. I don’t trust that it holds the weight of the paper it’s written on. People are afraid to post their opinion as it could lead to a possible ramification like being “Listed” or something. This certainly isn’t how I was raised to see America. I honestly don’t this this is America as we knew it anymore. O is acting like he’s running for re election. We know that isn’t possible unless certain situations are in place, is he trying to do this on purpose?

    I think if this guy is for real, he needs to do his due diligence and ensure every person in the U S hears this. I just don’t see how we go on with our head up, comfortable in where we sit. I think they need to bring back the Labor party. That is Normal citizens that run our country. I think we need to pink slip every last one, and start fresh. We do not need to pay a high dollar for the person in this position other wise it provides for corruption. So I think we should start over.
    1. Labor Party / Common Citizen
    2. Normal pay grade for the job, yes a retirement bonus, but not a million a year. A modest one.
    3. Normal pay grades for everyone in office. In other words, you won’t be paying off your Politic Degree with Politics as a Business.
    4. Get rid of the Electoral College
    5. All citizens get to vote. ALL OF THEM
    6. Non Citizens DON’T GET TO VOTE.
    7. You have to have a unique number to vote, and it can’t be used twice, and you cant be in possession of more then one.
    8. Restore the truthful check and balance system and monitor it daily for corruptness.

    Things need to be worked out with a meeting of the minds and fairness to everyone. We do not need career politicians in office. We need The People in office. Our Peers should serve. Not Rich people who have learned to maneuver or manipulate everything for their own favor. Talk about the good of the whole, should include the whole people. We should look at the average income, and the average / norm of the people, and those should be the people in office, The Norm, Run of the mill, Every day Joe.

    We should also look heavier into our qualifications to insure it is someone who has lived here their ENTIRE life, and improve the list on reasons for impeachment.

    That’s it.

  2. I totally agree with the person who started his commenst with: “Well I honestly think our constitution does not apply any more”:
    In addition to that person’s list I would add:
    Tern Limits
    A flat tax.
    A Social Security that is in a trust for ONLY just that- never to be allowed in the general fund again.
    Let the people decide what health insurance they want as they do their property and auto insurances (over State lines)
    Do not allow anyone to “take the fifth’ who works in the government. Permit them to be actually fired.
    Get rid of Labor Unions as did Australia.
    Thank all of you…..

  3. Just how patriotic are these federal law enforces from all agencies?
    The military is now run (at command level) by obama’s minions, and the honest
    People are being extorted by the government through the NSA spy machine.
    It’s definitely time for the armed forces to join with civilian law officers and start the second revolution
    For our constitution, by arresting ALL the ones in Washington who support this tyranny, either
    by collaborating with these traitors or by staying silent as our rights are trampled.
    I say arrest them, try them for treason, and perform the tried and saying “death to traitors”

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