‘Birth Certificate Plastered on my Forehead’ – Plastered Smile, Nervous Eyes of Obama

There’s an old Three Dog Night song that goes:

Want some whiskey in your water?

Sugar in your tea?

What’s all these crazy questions you’re asking me?

Mama told me not to come…

I’m a mama and I can tell when one of my kids is trying to bend the truth and avoid answering a pressing question.

Does anyone else think that this man is acting kinda’ funny for someone being interviewed on national TV?

Video 8/29, pardon any disrespect noted from its editors,
Obama: I Can’t Spend My Time With My Birth Certificate Plastered on My Forehead

Additional helpful information from an essay How to Tell if Someone  is Lying

Forced smiles. A real smile involves more muscles, while a forced smile will use just the muscles around the mouth. The lie here may only be about their feelings, of course.

Always let them talk. The more a person talks, the more likely you are to catch them in a lie (if they are being dishonest), especially when you learn the indications to watch for. These are just a few of the ways how to tell if someone is lying.

From the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The Mouth of (not Soros) Sauron


  1. I can hardly wait for Tonya Reiman, “America’s Body Language Expert,” to review this video for The Factor.

    He’s uncomfortable and nervous, to the max.

  2. Do you think O’Reilly will do it? Or, will he cave again?

  3. I spent my career as a body language reader and interviewer. Obama is very much afraid of this controversy. he is a master manipulator and when he talks most of what he says is double talk. (he says things that have two meanings) Unlike his predecessors he has been trained in techniques to be deceptive either by professionals or self taught. But either way he employs these techniques very successfully.
    A hint, when he discusses his birth certificate as if he has already produced one, he has a nervous laugh. It is not a true laugh, it is a deceptive one and one made to make people think it is a joke to him or that he no longer takes the issue seriously. He is nervous about it. There is something he is trying desperately to hide. he may well be qualified to be POTUS but there is definitely something there on his records that he does not want known.

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