Exploiting Illegal Children for Obamacare: Supplemental Immigration Request a Funding Gimmick

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The smartest people in government who have gotten their hands dirty always seem to time their respective departures when corruption and sinister objectives go to DEFCON levels.

Such was the case with Lois Lerner, at the IRS, such was the case with White House spokespersons, Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney, and such was the case with David Axelrod, a White House advisor to name but a few. Now such is the case with Kathleen Sebelius.

refugee-chart1Either these people have a threshold they just wont cross when it comes to fraud, lies, and collusion or such fraud, lies, and collusion in emerging events were just too big to stomach.

Either way, it is time to focus on Kathlees Sebilius and how she fits in with the $3.7 billion supplemental request the President is seeking for the alien surge at our southern border. Ostensibly this money is designed to fix the problem, unfortunately this is not exactly the complete reason they are asking for the money.

Sebelius timed her departure knowing full well what was ahead during her tenure at Heath and Human Services. She knew that the immigrant incursion was about to break wide open as it was in process during her term at HHS; they all did in the Obama administration.

Now let’s look deeper. On July 8, 2014, the White House wrote a rather comprehensive letter and support document to John Boehner, Speaker of the House asking for $3.7 billion in funding as a solution to the insurgency problem of the White House’s own making.

Actually, that figure is a supplemental part of a larger request exceeding $4.3 billion. We do not know the entire scope for what the whole $4.3 billion was to cover but we do know where the $3.7 billion is actually supposed to go. The trouble is, it is not going where they say they want it to go.

The request supposedly involves the costs associated with this illegal immigration insurgency, but in reality, most of it is for covering the costs of shortfalls in other agencies.

The letter clearly references issues from June which demonstrate advanced knowledge of the problem coming before the public became aware. Of note is the money to be allocated to fighting wild fires in the west and that most of the funds do not go anywhere near the border, nor increase security at the border.

The timing of this is no mistake. But we do realize that it does take time to estimate and coordinate agencies involved but the ubiquitous bundling of dollars to pay for other items clearly began a ways back. We can see this in the White House Office of Management and Budget figures.

This is all about not letting a good crisis go to waste as Rham Emmanuel said so famously in the past.

Enter Sylvia Burwell. She was the Director of the White House OMB from 2012-2013 and now she has officially replaced Sebilius.

So she is fully aware of the dire financial situation at HHS as well as other agencies and was reporting all the numbers that were released in the past before taking over.

Not only does Burwell have a handle on financial and economic needs of major programs but she is well aware that the Congressional Budget Office can no longer predict the financial status of Obamacare with any accuracy. Eric Pianin tells us in his Financial Times article:

One of the Obama administration’s major selling points in passing the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was a Congressional Budget Office forecast that the controversial legislation would reduce the deficit by more than $120 billion over the coming decade.

The CBO has consistently projected that President Obama’s overhaul will reduce the deficit, and the agency estimated that the Republicans’ 2011 effort to repeal the legislation would increase deficits by $210 billion from 2010 to 2021.

In April, the agency quietly signaled that it can no longer make that projection; that the law had been changed and delayed so much that there is no longer a credible way to estimate the long-term effects on the deficit of all elements of the program taken together.

It is in fact clear that the numbers of enrollees into Obamacare, as well as countless other factors, prove that Obamacare is not financially stable now nor will it ever be in the future. Because of the White House changes, Health and Human Services needs to infuse cash into the voids for financial sustainability of Obamacare, but that money appears to be coming from what is being sold as medical care for the illegals flooding into America. House members know this and are pushing back hard.

Politico tells us more about what the White House’s intent was, and craftily worded the request:

The White House opted not to include legislative language calling on the unaccompanied children to be deported more quickly to their home countries. But officials made clear that their intent is to speed the current turnaround process by increasing money for the immigration courts and putting a priority on recent arrivals. (Read more here.)

In summary, this new supplemental request by the White House is not only hiding financial shortfalls of other government agencies, but it is a planned and well executed event. It is also clear that favoritism played a large role. So America, don’t be fooled by the rhetoric, especially about language saying most will be deported and that laws are being enforced.


Border Patrol and a Honduran Family

A little more history and perspective

Incidentally, testimony on “Private Organizations’ Role in Refugee Resettlement” by Lavinia Limon shows us the history going back as far as 1996, where the immigration surge had been initially discussed. However, past Congresses have chosen to ignore real solutions for over 18 years. Unfortunately, the American taxpayer has been footing the bill for refugee resettlement and private organizations have been receiving grant money to play a large role, including the Catholic church.

In 2008, the ASPE study by HHS was completed revealing the exceptional costs of attending to resettlement and “Refugee Economic Self-Sufficiency” issues handled by the Refugee Resettlement office under HHS. Additionally, the Government Accountability Office performed an intense study in 2012 as well, but few were watching, but they did not interview the local stakeholders on the financial and demographic implications.

Finally, take a look at the surge in asylum seekers across the board. The numbers have grown dramatically under Obama. In fact, Neil Munroe from the Daily Caller tells us:

…the number of foreigners who successfully filed asylum claims in the United States almost tripled from 2012 to 2013, up to 30,393 alone.

That’s 10 times the number from 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected, and it is evidence his immigration officials are agreeing that many people in the growing wave of Central American migrants face a “credible fear” of harm if they are returned. Official approval allows the migrants to file for asylum in immigration court, where judges will approve or reject the asylum request.

If you came illegally to the U.S. seeking asylum in 2013, you had better than a four-in-five chance of successfully filing an asylum claim. That’s up from a three-in-five chance in 2008. (Read the rest here.)

This is madness of epic proportions, while the larger matter is we are in a national security condition that is reaching the red level of the DEFCON alarm system.

Denise Simon with co-host Bobbi on their Uncommon Knowledge program on Patriots’ Resistance Network discuss the orchestrated illegal immigrant flood, Tuesday, July 15:

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