Anita Fuentes Schools Americans on Alien Flood Warfare (video)


I don’t presently know Anita Fuentes, but she is very impressive in this video. Twenty minutes with it would be much better than any such slice of time I have found on television, for understanding the evil nature of open borders policy and the dangers of the escalating… Alien Flood Warfare.

That is one element of war by our pitched enemies foreign and domestic, including Barack Obama and his Democrat regime.

Please forgive me for presenting it without excerpts. There are too many. Ms. Fuentes, “What CNN, MSNBC, FOX & Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You!:



Hat tip, Lim Lynn


    Rush Limbaugh upset that Traitor in Chief can close everything except for American Border.

  2. 7:50
    What’s banned Spring Toy Gun Nerf Gun Water gun Compress air BB Airsoft gun Paint ball gun Replica gun.

    Hungry dogs behind gate when it’s already open by Traitor in Chief. Moreover, Mexico President has connection with Mexican cartel.

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