UPDATE: Christian Ministries Shut-Out by Obama & DHS from Aiding Alien Minors Pushed into America


The Obamunists hardly want actual Christian relief organizations interfering with their planned and executed, Marxofascist disruption, at these hideously abused children’s expense.

An “Army” of Christians on the Border Prepared to Respond to “Heart-Breaking” Child Immigrant Crisis

UPDATE – the CBN video featured in the Charisma Magazine article linked through the above (too bad the CBN staff is regurgitating narratives at face value, including perhaps from the neo-Marxist corrupted Catholic Charities that they mention):

Evidently, the Obama administration has chosen which charities (and other organizations and operations) will go along to get along, or which are a part of the team and scheme from the start. For more on this see Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s “Brown Shirts: Enforcing the Secrecy of Obama’s Refugee Camps” and “ACORN for Illegal Aliens – Meet the Southwest Key Programs.” Keep in mind that this is human trafficking of minors taken or bribed from their parents, largely in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, and that an estimated one-third of the girls are raped along the way.

Since the DHS advertised for the staff to handle such operations in January, that would tend to show the Obama administration as engaged in the planning and execution of this atrocity. In turn, that would implicate them as conspirators in illegal transportation of minors and in these rapes.

Hats off to Sarah Palin, who among so many of us, has been doing play-by-play with authentically compassionate color commentary on this evil game all along. (Sarah Palin in Facebook)


  1. First mistake these churches made was to wait for instructions and/or permission from the government to follow through with church doctrine. If the churches wanted to feed and clothe these people they should have gone ahead and done it. God is the church’s authority when it comes to Christian beliefs, not Obama.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Susan, Susan… you sound like a Christian and an American.

      • What did u mean by this common? I think what Susan said is correct. Are against Christians helping out? This govt doesn’t want people helping out because they will not get the money they want. Remember they really do not care for these children.

        • Arlen Williams says

          You’re coming across like some kind of compassionate patriot too, Maggie! ;-`

          • Your sarcasm wasn’t missed by me…LOL. Truth be told, only “Christian organizations” that help “traffic” are allowed into this corrupt crowd. Like Silsby gal from Idaho..and her “Christian adoption agency”…Clinton Foundation got her off the hook though. Now she runs the Amber Alert program in some regional area…sorry I’m not more detailed. Clintons, trafficking etc….and all the other nefarious things dems are pulling…get information overload and can’t remember it all…its still available on net, altho. info on these detention centers run by Juan Sanchez and his wife are back upfront news, bec of the deplorable conditions the children are living in…Those pics were specifically taken from one of his many centers in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California…secreted out…now no pics allowed.. Mr. Sanchez was a big part of the huge influx children entering in 2014 and I think the pics in news must be newer bec of the attention from the squalor depicted in the leaked pics..also in news was none of children could be tracked to families…not one… Hmmm. Think that Exe Order Pres. Trump signed in Dec 21, 2017 on human trafficking and abuse may just apply here…Also pne Company Name: Southwest Key Programs. Got over 500 Billions from 2007-2014. Think Co. is getting 1.5 billion this year. And since Gov funded…Accountability is going to be exact..I think they believe they’ve pulled a fast on on the US Gov and taxpayers…but Exe. Order states ALL asstsd….ALL will be frozen…these people think nothing will happen..well, Hill and Bill are flying commercial…1st class mind you, but someone gave them the $ …? hush money? Think they’ve weaved their own nooses.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFLGIfxxHWQ
    It’s about IRC Section 501(c)(3)


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