Happy Independence Day! Let’s Make it Happier

The Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam.org)

Happy Independence day indeed. Let’s celebrate! But we also have a very sober job to do right now. I know I do.

The Sovereignty Campaign 2014 is beginning in earnest, today. It is our mission to objectively assess, score, and grade all significant candidates in at least the key races for the United States Senate, at November 4th’s General Election.

We are doing that by our chief, governing principle, granted us by our Creator: that is the truly empowered sovereignty under God of each of our Citizenry, with state and then national sovereignty to guard it.

We look around and see that is not quite being done. Looking into our history, I have not found it being done with full intent and focus since, well… since Day One.

As founder of Sovereignty Unbound, having edited Gulag Bound through today, our fourth anniversary, that does not surprise me as much as it should. (Time flies when you find yourself in a soft but deadly sober war, for the existence of the authentic United States of America.) It seems very few in politics and government ever want to stress the authority and power of the Citizenry. Those who seek positions of perceived power tend to be ambitions for power, after all. And it is very much a Marxian, dialectic struggle we are in and that being the case, our adversaries work in both the vanguard Democratic and the ever synthesizing Republican parties.

And by this July 4th, 2014, there is no time like the present, to become more effective in turning the tables on those who would recapture us in transnational and domestic despotism by means of an increasingly global, collectivist, and controlling state. Please see how we are about to do that and if you agree with our new method, please become a member.

What is the droll maxim? A virtual definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. This is a new thing we are doing; it is asserting with accountable diligence our surpassing authority and power, granted by God Himself for the governing of our own lives, over those who would instead govern us, rather than serve us as our hirelings in our government. What a shame that it is such a new thing to do. But, it is a renewing thing to do, and a charge given us by the “duty” penned in the Declaration of Independence, two-hundred, thirty-eight years ago. Time to do some renewing, as it was done before. And as it happens many of us, like our founders are Christians and those who are believe in someone who was very practiced at turning tables.

There is only one direction to go from freedom. And if we fail to exert our sovereignty to protect our sovereignty, our choice is slavery. Please join in this essential effort, in restoring the core of what it means to be an American.

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