The Perils of Pamela Geller

As you likely know, Pamela Geller is the blogger in chief of Atlas Shrugs and one of the leaders of the movement to preserve the sanctity of Ground Zero, New York City, from the religiopolitical, build-a-shrine-on-their-ruins practice of Koran adhering Muslims.  By “Koran adhering,” one means those who interpret the Koran in a classic Muslim tradition and are thereby radical Islamists, who posture peace with other cultures and nations, but are instructed to be Allah’s deceiving and violent conquerors of the world.

We offer no video, but present an eyewitness account of last weekend’s Geraldo show on Fox News.

Pamela the lowly blogger’s name came up, by an apologist of Islamism, in a discussion examining perhaps “four or five” (and four or five too many) occurrences of violence in America, against Muslims.  The apologist was activist, Zead Ramadan, of the radical front group, Council of Islamic Relations (CAIR).

For those isolated instances of violence, Zead blamed “…all the negative hype against Islam from people like…. Pamela Geller, poisoning people’s minds….”

Whereupon, Mr. Rivera quietly blurted, “I don’t even know Pamela Geller.”

Geraldo’s right hand woman, Kimberly Guilfoyle immediately and also quietly replied, “She’s been on the show.”

(Yes, take a moment, if you need to.)

Ms. Geller’s comments about this occasion are to be found here: “Death Threats and Security.

By the way, to any practitioners of violence who may be reading this: everyone you may consider a “marked person” is also a one marked for America to protect and any violence attempted upon him or her will be met with just punishment — and your cause will suffer greatly.

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