Government Directed Illegal Immigration Invasion Hits California: Murietta

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An article by Associated Press (AP) reported that some of the Central American illegal immigrants will be moved from Texas to California.  Not surprising!  The door seems to always be open in California for anyone or anything regardless of the toll it takes on the California taxpayers.

However, just hours after the AP report, TheBlaze reported that the plans to fly the illegal immigrants from South Texas to California had been canceled but could be reinstated.  No explanation was given as to why the plans were changed.

The plan, if reinstated at a later date, is to transport the illegal immigrants, supposedly 140 of them, to San Diego, CA, with another 140 going to El Centro.  Once inside San Diego, they will be moved next door, to the county of Riverside, where the illegals will be processed, according to reports.

The city in Riverside, where the Federal Government is planning to process the illegals after they leave San Diego, is called Murrieta, CA.

In the latest population figures of 2014, Murrieta boasts a population of 103, 466 and over 105,000, according to another website.  Sixty nine percent of the population is Caucasian while 25% are Hispanic.  Various groups make up the remainder of the population.

Additionally, Murrieta describes itself as being a young, on-the-go affluent community, with a median age of 32 and an average family income of over $100,000.

The Murrieta City website, states that its city was once again, recently recognized by the FBI as one of the top ten safest places in the nation.  It appears that this sleepy town could be on the brink of a major change.

Most likely, many residents of Murrieta and the surrounding areas did not even know about the possibility of 140 illegals from Central America coming to their city.  There is no doubt in my mind that this number is illustrative only of the initial wave of illegals that may be coming to Murrieta and remaining there permanently should Obama’s plan move forward.

In fact, according to Breitbart, earlier this month, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) stated that the San Diego Sector of the Border Patrol is “making plans to receive, process and then release 500 illegal aliens into the U.S. per week” from those transported to California from Texas.

Shawn Moran, Vice President of the NBPC, said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart, that “The Murrieta Border Patrol Station of the San Diego Sector is not equipped to handle that type of influx of illegal aliens, both in terms of manpower and infrastructure.”  Those familiar with the station know that it is normally utilized as a Border Patrol Station and not a processing center.

However, the good people of Murrieta need not worry if the plan is reinstated, right?  Wrong!  According to Moran, “Once processed, the illegal aliens will be given a court date and paperwork telling them when to report back.”  He quickly acknowledged that most never return to appear at their appointed court date.

Moran further stated that, “They will be released into a city that has no services to assist them, no shelters for them, or even a bus station.” Sounds like a recipe for increased crime and potential gang violence since some of the illegals (in other groups reported in the news) have recently been found to be MS-13 gang members.

I believe that Murrieta will see more and more illegals dropped off at its doorstep should the plan ever be initialized.  Murrieta is about an hour away from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.  It is an “ideal” location to traffic these people through to other locations without very much fanfare.

Apparently, had the plan gone through, the residents of Murrieta would only have found out about the “surprise guests” once they had been delivered.  In an earlier statement this month, Moran had said, “….no one in the Border Patrol is even going to notify the City of Murrieta about this plan or the influx of illegal aliens they will receive.”  This is par for the course for this “transparent” Obama administration.

Riverside County is a conservative leaning county.  They would have undoubtedly not been in favor of Obama’s relocation plan for these illegals if they had known about the plan.  It will be interesting to learn of their reactions to what Obama had been planning without their knowledge.

jerrybrown87If the Governor of California has any say in the issue, he will surely welcome the illegals to California with open arms should the occasion arise.  He’s used to allowing the citizens of California to become overwhelmed with high taxes, extended participation in the Obamacare Exchange, and other social programs that are bankrupting the state.

The predominantly left leaning Californians are used to just taking what’s thrown at them without much resistance for the most part.  In fact, it seems that if you aren’t for every social program, no matter how damaging to the economy, then you are seen as politically incorrect in this liberal environment.

Additionally, Governor Brown is used to allowing potentially harmful people to roam the streets of California.  In 2011, Brown signed a law that continually releases “low-level” inmates into the streets of California.

As a result, according to a 2012 FBI report, after years of seeing a decline in crime rates in pretty much all areas, California’s crime rate rose significantly in the first six months of 2012.  There was an increase of 7.6% in homicide rates and double-digit increases in burglary and arson rates.  Violent crime in California increased at more than twice the national rate, rising 4% with the rise in property crime at six times higher than the national rate.

It’s uncertain at this point if the Obama administration will reinstate the plan or search elsewhere for a place to send the illegals. Only time will tell.  However, thankfully for California, indecision seems to rule the day for this administration.  So, for now, Californians, at least those in Murrieta and El Centro, can breathe a sigh of relief.

Assuming the plan is reinstated and there aren’t any MS-13 gang members in the incoming group (as in other groups) and there are no other criminals being transported in this group to Murrieta, then the residents can expect to be overwhelmed, financially and emotionally, due to a lack of infrastructure to care for the illegals.  If there are MS-13 gang members and other “low-level” criminals in the group, then the people of Murrieta need only to look to the 2012 FBI statistics to see what fate awaits them.


Update:  As of Friday, the Government once again changed its mind and will be sending Central American Illegals from Texas to San Diego, Murrieta, and El Centro beginning Monday.


Update 7/1/2014:  The people of Murrieta, CA refused to allow buses filled with illegal immigrants to enter their destination.  The buses were forced to turn around and take the illegal immigrants back to San Diego.

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