What You Can Do Right Now to Save Your Country

See “what you can do right now to save your country” updated in James Simpson’s “Patriot’s Handbook,” which includes many suggestions and guidelines for making the necessary difference to renew and restore America.

Build Strength in Numbers, Commitment and Unity
– numbers build power, power builds confidence, confidence brings victory

  1. There is strength in numbers. Join a Tea Party, conservative or political club of your choice. Become a formal part of a party organization. As a loner it is too easy to get discouraged.
  2. Maintain regular contact with like-minded individuals, hang out together regularly and join in movement activities suggested in this pamphlet as a group.
  3. Read, read, read. Educate yourself on the issues to build confidence, help inform others and reinforce your commitment.
  4. We surround them. The left is a loud but small minority. They can only win if we let them.
  5. Ours is the cause worth fighting for. Theirs is pure destruction. Remember that.

Work toward Victory in November

Examine the list below. Pick out the task(s) best suited to your temperment, abilities and resources. If you are part of a group, work together in similar fashion, so that each plays to his/her strengths. Suit up, show up and get to it!

  1. Support conservative candidates at all levels.
  2. Understand the essential role of the local party committee/precinct. Read further:
  3. Join your Party’s formal structure. Attend local meetings. Get a seat on the committee.
  4. Help build your precinct: visit, call, e-mail; many areas have no political infrastructure.
  5. Volunteer to become a precinct/block captain.
  6. Volunteer to be an election judge or poll watcher.
  7. Get involved in political campaigns.
  8. Learn to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messaging to help promote candidates and the conservative message.  Get two great free tutorials to learn how:
  9. Volunteer to maintain Facebook/Twitter site for candidates.
  10. Use personal e-mail accounts to promote candidates and spread the conservative message.
  11. Volunteer for candidate sign waving – believe it or not, this simple activity does more for candidate name recognition than many other activities.
  12. Volunteer to canvas for candidates.
  13. Attend candidate fundraisers.
  14. Volunteer for phone banks or just to make calls.
  15. Get certified from your local Board of Elections to register voters.
  16. Volunteer for door knocking.
  17. Put up yard/street signs. Use and distribute candidate bumper stickers.
  18. 72 hour push – Last three days before November elections, volunteer for any GOTV activity.
  19. On election day, work outside polls with signs, sample ballots and pamphlets.

Arm Yourself with Facts on Key Issues

Sign up for the Heritage Foundation’s daily and weekly e-mail series, HERE. They are free and cover virtually every issue of the day:

Morning Bell. Tells you what is happening right now. Provides inside information on the other side’s strategies and tactics being applied right now.

Heritage Hotsheet. Provides concise information from experts on the day’s hottest news.

’33 Minutes’ Missile Defense Update (weekly)News on missile defense and updates about upcoming “33 Minutes” screenings happening across the country.

Budget Bulletin (biweekly)Learn how Congress can rein in the red ink and discover an economic agenda to get America back on the path to prosperity.

And many more…

Understand fully the Constitutional basis of our society and how that is critical to restoring our nation to its former greatness. The Heritage Foundation has great resources for understanding the Constitution (see below). It also has studies and regular updates on this and most other public policy issues available at their website, http://www.heritage.org/ — FREE.

Use the Government Printing Office’s comprehensive online tool for access to every single document printed by the federal government. Go to: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/.

Familiarize Yourself with the Tactics of the Radical Left

  1. Read David Horowitz’s short pamphlets

  2. Apply/defeat Alinsky tactics.
  3. Challenge people who disparage our movement and/or make false statements.
  4. Aggressively expose all Astroturf operations.
  5. Get to know the leftists. Utilize KeyWiki by famed researcher Trevor Loudon.

Be Heard

  1. Register to vote, vote in all elections you can and actively help others to do the same.
  2. Attend town council meetings, town halls, communicate with elected leaders.
  3. Contact your representative/senator, look up pending legislation and track how they vote.
  4. Write and call local print and broadcast media.

Civic Action

  1. Lobby Congress to de-fund the Left.
  2. Boycott leftist media.
  3. Counter biased reporting with phone calls and letters.
  4. Boycott Hollywood.
  5. Protect our children from the leftist message.
  6. Stop donating to leftist charities.
  7. Be a friend of the Earth – de-fund the environmental movement.
  8. De-fund leftist churches and synagogues.
  9. Take back our schools.
  10. Take back our universities.
  11. Take back our borders

James SimpsonGulag Bound contributing editor, James Simpson is best known for his exposé on the Cloward Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis, his writings have been published in American Thinker, The New Media Journal, Washington Times, FrontPage Magazine, Whistleblower, DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth and Consequences. James is a former Office of Management and Budget (White House budget office) economist and budget analyst.  Email James.


  1. Its all about the access to money …. the country will have to figure out a way to get around the Federal reserve , and who will allow that to take place at the political level is unsure . We see a attempt by Ron Paul but the will lacks the majority . This worries me because they all fear this Unmanageable event I think ……….Its a game that come to a turning point again only worldwide . This time was Planned in 1974 http://www.population-security.org/11-CH3.html , and the plan evolved , http://www.warsocialism.com/America.htm , http://dieoff.org/ , and the plan is Now in todays light expressed here in these links ,







    This is whats bring out the Marxists , they think we are at the end of the worlds resource capacity to provide for the worlds unbridled population growth , and are assembling a coalition to stop it by control resource usage , thats what Cap and Trade and Health Care are all about , but Free thinking Individuals have always been the salvation of a dark time in history like this and this should be the debate , not a forced takeover of individual rights to access resources . See this website , its taking about the way the food shortage is fast approaching ,


    Pay attention to where the Area in Yellow is in this map of the USA thats designated for Forest production ,

    Its the same area , see here this map shows the Ogallala Aquifer thats running out of water and is the same area Obama is wanting to plant to forests , http://www.iitap.iastate.edu/gccourse/issues/society/ogallala/1.gif , you can see what they are designing ….Stalin cause was famine because of the fear and paranoia of over population becoming unmanageable , Others that ruled in this time like Hitler , Lenin , and even Marx were all consolidating wealth and resources as they limited the free thinkers and in effect caused their resource shortages due to a lack of innovation , which after WW2 we saw a new economic plan come through the Brettonwoods , http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Bretton-Woods-Conference , that saw the greatest expansion to resource development and production the world ever saw , and the longest period of peace in the world because of abundance , and history only shows that Free Thinking Individuals have been the innovative salvation to creative solutions for long term human needs in abundant forms , the only way for peace ….. http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/warstat1.htm and http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1038774/Holocaust-hunger-The-truth-Stalins-Great-Famine.html and http://www.conservapedia.com/Joseph_Stalin

    Take a look at these 2 websites , it shows that the argument for Supply-Side Tax Cutting Economic Fundamentals for a Robust Economic Recovery is what can be sustained , certainly if we choose the kinds of Alternative industries to innovate and develop .

    President Obama’s Advisory Czars are Leading policies that want Government controlled Resource Usage for the idea of Sustainable eco and population foot print reasons that do not make sense as to why Government should be in control over how a economy expands and creates wealth for societies in the world . Capitalism is Showing a Great effect on Sustainable World and Population Development , so Capitalism and Tax Cuts should be a part of the Road to Economic Recovery .



    What these sites tell us is that Higher education and Lower tax rates drive innovation and will provide the needs of a growing society !!!!!!!!!

    We Need to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts !!!!!!!!!
    Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse.Today’s corporate profits reflect an income shift into 2010. These profits will tumble next year, preceded most likely by the stock market.

    These Tax cuts need to be extended for continued economic recovery , this had nothing to do with the collapse , it was Big debts that were allowed to build up buy a lack of will by our Government to regulate Lending Practices by the Same ones that padded the Pockets of the regulators .

    We the People need to demand these Tax cuts be extended , and a New tax schedule be designed , like this below , so that we might be able to start to develop new alternative industries and markets .
    Why are we not demanding this type of incentive be put in place to drive supply-side economic fundamentals to feed the demand thats coming like a bullet ?

    here is a product of to much Government …

    Six Reasons Why the Capital Gains Tax Should Be Abolished …

    The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America …
    Why are we Not Utilizing the tax concepts above So we can expand in areas like this ?

    The Pulp from this is high in Protein we should be expanding this resource in Mexico with a Immigration Policy .


    And develop things like this ; http://www.verticalfarm.com and , http://www.ecoloblue.com/

    But before we just give up on the idea of Free Innovate Incentives being the future of man kinds advancements , why not think about this ……We are printing all these stimulus funds for development but what that development is we have not one sustainable activity thats surfaced from this debate on how the world can still provide for a growing population , a debate worth having but the ones that want to do something about it seem to be reluctant to address it publicly in a forum that gives access to We the people , the engine of whats always saved man from its own peril in the past , so why not just start it and take the lead on this vital issue , come out string with Ideas that might be hopeful and constructive to life , like these ideas here ; http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/big-idea/07/mars – we could build the transport ship on the Moon with the minerals there that we could make the building materials from and lift-off would be simple in zero gravity .

    In the quest to manufacture space crafts on the Moon for travel to Mars , and construct rest stop stations that could be located along the pathway to Mars as like we have freeway hotels that connect Our states interstate highway with accommodations for travelers on earth we can do the same for travel to Mars . Here is the fuel source we can Innovate manufacturing on the Moon to accomplish the expedition . And how much of this fuel could be stored on Mars ??? Think of the possibilities ??? We must overcome the Environmentalist Marxists that want to stand in the way of this type of Innovation .
    Human kind has always been only able to sustain the tree of life by expanding its roots from exploring and developing vital resources , history shows this is what people find peace with if allowed a level of abundance , and if not then War is the inevitable , history shows this to be the truth .

    Helium 3 mining the moon 2024 Part 1 of 2


    As a Logical path of incentive driven innovations that can be a Trek into the future. Certainly we can spend resources on advancing our visions here on earth that can lead to positive advancements in these fields , like more space telescopes like the Hubble and advancing the science behind these areas .
    If the Government is worrying about over Population of the Earth , and have these Czars Looking into ways to Reduce Population , why don’t they take a Pro Active Life approach to the Problem and start a Real Serious Space program , like this …….



    This seems to be a more Proactive solution to the problem , making the case for True Progressive Innovation and Prosperity to come ” For All Living Things ” !!!

    I would rather Die trying to use my will to live that God bestowed in our souls and Imagination , than Die because someone said it was time to for lack of the will to believe in the hope of Gods will to be an ever lasting life !!!

    World population is a challenge , not a problem , and the intelligent will meet the demands of a growing population .
    We can plan for the future , create opportunities that can take the human race into space , like these suggestions here , we can make our needs and with these types of creations chart expeditions to find new worlds , thats what man has done for centuries , and with the Technologies today , the efforts can be successful ;


    http://www.b2science.org/visitor-tours.html , this Tucson facility is astronomical in the science of sustainable life elements in space . We could look into ways to build space crafts on the moon surface with the Mineral resources there on the moon for space travel to Mars and put the Bio Sphere into operation on the moon for a living and manufacturing base . Why Not make a Space Craft that could harvest Space Debris as it travels through the galaxy and convert it to useful resources ? The ideas are endless with this for our future generations .
    http://themis.asu.edu/ and why not stimulate our University with these ideas for the future of space travel ????

    And this Robert Branson Mission , http://www.virgingalactic.com , isn’t it and Inspiration filled with Hope , that we should appropriate funding for more than a Global Cap and Trade thats only going to cause unrest to the point of all out worldwide civil war ??

    Progress is an Inspiration of the Imagination , not the demise of a worry with no plan of favorable outcome for the benefit of all , we must ask is it to much to wonder that once a persons struggles are met with brilliance , do we become so complacent of our own paths that took us to great Quality of life , that we lose sight of the struggle that everyone is faced with , and that these journeys we all deserve a shot at Quality in life as the result , and to demise that chance with worry over a challenge does no one in humanity the justice of all that has been and will be ????
    In simpler words before we just lay down and die from over population growth , we should at least die trying to find more human needs in space and here on earth .
    Also the abilities to build additional food growing facilities is a real possibility too , like this , http://www.verticalfarm.com , and together with desalinated water treatment plants using ocean waters will allow us plenty of time to start on the journey of creating more space in space .
    The path towards Peace , we saw what was after WW2 and the expansion of Resources and supply of Human needs , which made up the Brettonwoods accords which at that time was implemented to rebuild lives and we need this again , http://www.statemaster.com/encyclopedia/Bretton-Woods-Conference , only for a New kind of Mission , don’t you think ?? The thoughts that promote lifes future as sustainable and mans ability to imagine the ways forward should be chosen as the effort we take .

    I know we can rally the will together for this Bold venture the Will of the American People are just begging for a reason to be all that they can be , drive Spirit back into the hearts of every living soul that Loves , loves to think about the future , a future that tells a story about a past in a inspiring way Sir , thats the America I grew Up knowing in my Sunday School class , it was a good thing Sir , but what I been reading here and studying , its not very Good , and when I mix it with Histories lessons , it shows me that there are right ways to do things and wrong ways , and we need to seriously have a Debate about these issues we are facing , and make a plan to getter done so we write good things in the history books . This is the Seeds of Good things to come in my way of thinking ……. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/big-idea/07/mars , and there is a ton more out there too .

    Start hollering like hell and maybe we can change the direction we see the Government going .

    Thanks for your time and have a Great day.

  2. Become more aware and educate others of the imminent threat to our freedom.


    The Dodd report to the Reese Committe on Foundations, 1954, explains how foundation grants given to various gantees for purposes contrary to those for which they were established are at the core of un-American activities.

    Various foundation grants have been used to subvert the general population for political purposes.

    Foundations and those receiving tax free foundation grants have resorted to propaganda in order to achieve their hidden objectives.

    The interlocking pieces of the various foundation puzzle form a picture that represents planning and control of every aspect of American life through a combination of the federal government and the subversive public education system.

    In 1934 the american historical association published a report that concluded, “The day of the individual in the US had come to an end and that the future would be characterized, inevitably, by some form of collectivian and an increase in the authority of the state”.

    This is the view of liberal socialist democrats, “the individual has reality only as part of the group, and value only insofar as he serves it.” SLAVERY!!!!!!!

    The Dodd report, in 1954, pointed out a group, ie the democratic party, backed by disproportionaly large amounts of money, ie stimulus money funds, tarp fund, BP slush fund, could threaten America. Dodd was so right. Back to the future.

    The Dodd report in 1954 pointed out how foundations use propaganda under the guise of being “essential” to the security of the United States.

    Wow that is exactly what the federal government and other foundations tell Americans to get the public to believe they are protecting American’s individual freedoms.

    Public education focuses on EMPIRICAL DATA and its application.

    PRINCIPLES AND THEIR TRUTH OR FALSITY ARE OF LITTLE CONCERN, IE “climate change”, “global warming” etc.

    Social Engineering in the form of public education has spawned the supporters of barack obama.

    Dodd’s conclusion is that American fortunes created foundations that have financed ideas and practices incompatible with the fundamental concepts of the US Constitution. Dodd’s report was created in 1954.

    Hitler used social engineering to indoctrinate the german people in virtues of natzism.

    Hitler’s state run media fed the german people lies to perpetuate the natzi mith.

    What hitler did is similar to what social engineering has done in America. The proof is the election of an imposter as president.

    The question posed is , What can you do to save your country? Just what I am doing.

    Reading and educating myself and others to the enemy within.

    Traitors to America are ingrained in familiar institutions. They work night and day to enslave the America.

  3. Big corporate conglomerates, our abusive and corrupt system of justice, ALL public employees, and those who meddle into the affairs of their neighbors are as much the problem as the left. This is not a democrat versus republican issue. It is an issue between those who believe in free enterprise (not capitalism) and civil liberties versus those who would promote socialism.

    Neither side promotes the rights of the individual which has been brutally raped socially, nor do they give a damn about the individual that really makes this country work … those who produce (labor). Without labor, business ceases to exist. I’m not talking about unions or leftist organizations the likes that support the left. I’m talking about hard-working American who are tired of the collusion between business and government that mitigates the benefits of a true free enterprise system.

    This “war” (and it is a war) is against both parties and anyone associated with government in any way (elected, appointed, contracted, employed by government). It is time to oust all of the bastards and put an end to their tyranny. Protect our borders, handle interstate disputes, and provide a court system that adjudicates according to the Constitution, not some precedent handed down by corrupt courts. Other than that … get the hell out of my life and let me make my own choices.

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