Anonymous: How to Find Out What Really Happened to Missing IRS Emails

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How to find out what really happened to missing IRS emails

In March of 2009, Obama named Vivek Kundra CIO of the US.

As head of Information Technology, he proposed a new 25 point plan to modernize the federal government’s technology and data centers

The OMB and GAO were actively involved in assessing and monitoring the progress of these plans across all agencies and have copious documents relating to IRS databases, retention and best practices.

A key player responsible for IRS Data center management and consolidation was Anthony McMahon.

In March of 2010, Anthony McMahon of the IRS gave a presentation about IRS data center operations that are usually not publicized to AFCOM.

Since 2008, there have been many initiatives and audits at the IRS regarding technology.

The best people to ask about the missing emails are those who were involved in establishing “best practices” for the IRS and other like agencies. As early assessments were made and recommendations were implemented in a short time-frame after 2008. It is likely that there were audits/deficiencies reported and action taken from these assessments. Corrective action reports should be available and who was responsible for taking these actions.

It would be advisable to speak to those that were involved as IT project managers, data base consolidation team members, and those who participated in risk management, data loss mitigation and internal audits around the time frame the emails went missing. They could tell you first hand what was probable and possible. Even lower level “team members” and “contractors” should know the truth. if there was “cloud computing” going on, who was providing it? We need to find all these reports and download all of the available articles and documents before they go missing.

Maria-metropolisThe MSM talking heads have IT experts outside of gov’t on their shows to talk about the missing emails, but no one from the IRS who worked on IT projects in 2008-2011 has been interviewed. Even Congressmen are asking the NSA for answers.

What a waste of resources!!

The only ones who would know the truth are those that were there at the time. Ask the right people, find the right documents, then we’ll all know the truth. They are already out there in cyberspace at the OMB and GAO, we just have to look.



For more, see “The IRS Missing Email Scandal – Brazen Obstruction of Justice,” June 22

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