Russian Communists Reaffirm Ties to American Comrades

New Zeal

Despite the more apparent than real “collapse of communism,” the Communist Party USA has never given up its ties to the still very influential Russian communist movement.

Russian comrades reaffirmed their commitment to American communism in these greetings sent to last weekend’s CPUSA national convention in Chicago:


In the event of a very possible war been the the United States and Russia (plus China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vietnam and Islamic terrorists), the Communist Party USA should be regarded – as it always has been – as a treasonous organization loyal to Moscow above all.


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  2. Not at all sure that last claim follows from anything said in the post. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not the ruling party in Moscow, so the support offered hardly indicates any support from “Moscow,” where “Moscow” is understood to be the Russian government, I take it. Furthermore, the fraternal tone of the greeting hardly indicates to my eye any sense of subordination– nothing that would indicate, for instance, that the Communist Party USA is somehow beholden to obey the dictates of the CPRF. Phrases such as “solidarity” and “Joint actions” do not seem to indicate a master-servant relationship, as the claim that the CPUSA is “loyal to Moscow above all” would seem to suggest. So it seems to me that the conclusions being drawn from this communication are wildly unsupported by the evidence offered.

    • Noted that you are defending Communists, Tostenson. I’ve tolerated you here for quite awhile now. I’ll tolerate three more posts (or through July, whichever comes first) so make them good. Then, perhaps you’ll have to ask to be assigned elsewhere.

  3. That puzzles me a great deal, for a variety of reasons. I wasn’t aware that there was any upper limit on postings– this was not made clear anywhere in the site that I was aware of (though the site is quite large.. perhaps I missed it?) As far as I can tell, all I’ve done here is exactly what “Comment” space is typically used for– I’ve offered my own insights and criticism on the material posted here. Is that somehow inappropriate? I have been very careful not to be trollish– I’ve tried to be polite and thoughtful, I’ve never resorted to any ad hominem attacks. I’ve only applied the basics of critical reasoning, the sort of thing I teach in General Logic. Let me ask a question: If my posts were generally saying how good the material here was, would I be allowed to keep posting indefinitely? Or does the limit only apply to people who don’t uncritically accept the views posted here? If so, what does this say about the intellectual security (or insecurity) of people such as yourself and dear, dear, Trevor? Why should the truth be afraid of questions? Or is this a way of confessing that the views expressed on this site cannot be rationally defended against even the most basic logical critique?

    As for the specific point in this particular post, I don’t know that I was defending Communists in any meaningful sense of “defend.” I certainly don’t agree with Communist ideology. My point was 100% pure bone-dry garden variety logic: The claim made was not supported by the evidence offered in favor of it, unless I have missed something about the evidence. This means there are but two possibilities: 1. I am correct, and the view is in fact unsubstantiated. It must be relegated to mere unsupported speculation. 2. I am not correct– the evidence presented does actually support the claim, and I’ve simply missed something. If (1), we should all admit it; if (2), we should show me exactly how I’ve misunderstood.

  4. Do believe the Communists are alive and well in the USA as well as Russia. They absolutely reign in Cuba, China, and are making great strides in Venezuela. Nicaraguans are part of the invasion on the Southern Border. So yes the Communists are the enemy. It does not work and never will. It is the opposite of the claims in the letter. Communism brings death and misery to people. Tostenson is baiting and looking for an argument.

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