Washington: the Seat of the Caliphate

photo: http://noiri.blogspot.com

photo: http://noiri.blogspot.com


ISIS is now fighting fiercely in Iraq to establish a world Caliphate and it is killing everyone in its path without mercy.

So where does that brutal Caliphate have its seat?

Flag of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS)

Flag of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS)

Washington, DC. Washington is the face of the Caliphate. The GOP and the Dems are working together to overthrow Assad, even though the latter is the last ruler in the Middle East who has protected Christians. However, to put it that way gives our traitorous government too much credit. I strongly suspect they want to overthrow Assad because he protects Christians (I once heard a Syrian pastor say in a sermon that Assad’s government actually donated cement to Christian groups that wanted to build churches).

The evidence of a growing anti-Christian sentiment among Washington’s top echelons is overwhelming. Obama and Hillary surrounded themselves with Muslim “advisors.” Bill waged war with American blood and treasure in Serbia that led to the creation of a Muslim state, Kosovo, from the Christian Serbia. Indigenous Assyrian Christians started leaving Iraq almost immediately after we “won” the war there. Most now live in Malmö, Sweden. Has the definition of the word “win” changed?

A fair number of Americans still blindly believe that the situation in Iraq is every bit the fault of Obama and the Democrats.

If that were true, then electing Republicans would save America, wouldn’t it?

But it is not true and it won’t.

Linked below is a series of articles/videos that show how the US government on both sides of the aisle (not to be confused with We the People) support unimaginable cruelty.

Flag of the al-Nusra Front

Flag of the al-Nusra Front

The series shows that the Free Syrian Army, with whose leaders former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Republican, CFR member) met in 2013, is linked to terrorist organization al-Nusra, which is in turn linked to ISIS. It must be noted that some of these organizations have since turned against each other, with ISIS being virtually isolated at the moment, due to its brutality, but this fluidity of their loyalties is all the more proof that giving US weaponry to any of them is a mistake, if not an intentional one.

Mitt Romney, also a GOP presidential candidate, announced his support for the anti-Assad forces. What a coincidence that both recent GOP presidential candidates want Assad out of the way. If we didn’t know better, we might suspect that eliminating the last pro-Christian leader in the Middle East was a linchpin in the GOP geopolitical strategy. Until dissuaded by Putin, Obama also weighed the possibility of a “limited” strike on the Assad-held position.

To understand the utter brutality of ISIS, which has seized arms donated by the US thanks to our bipartisan military policy, watch the first video, but be forewarned. To understand brutality, you need to get a little taste of it. It helps to have a strong stomach (or at least a barf bag nearby) but you need to have the willingness to know the truth no matter how far removed it may be from our comfort zone and our normalcy bias. Because our security can no longer depend on traitors with power. It now depends entirely on us.

Video: “18+ WARNING GRAPHIC: ISIS Death Squads Killing Without Mercy on Iraq Roads

Having watched our military policies in action, with the msm sound muted, I have come to an unshakable conviction: there is no hope that the anti-Christian and anti-American leadership of the GOP and Democratic Party in Washington will loosen its grip on power or change its mind and stop supporting terror. No hope whatsoever. If you think there is, you are deluded and contributing to the success of evil. At some point, I believe our military will realize that they are literally fighting a false flag war to destroy America. There is no other way to see it or say it.

At that point they will have to make a tough decision:

Either continue to obediently destroy their own country and everything it stands for, helping to erode its foundations and brutally slaughter the natural allies of the American people, as shown so vividly in that first video linked above, or go to Washington and fight the true enemies of all God-fearing people everywhere.

The military has all the necessary guns and materiel. Their country, their families, and their security are at stake. Not fighting the terrorists in Washington guarantees our demise.

Not a difficult decision when you look at it that way.

Not a shot need be fired. The Washington leadership is nothing but craven cowards.

Unfortunately for them, they may receive the same mercy they have shown us.


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  1. I too believe the proposition of every word you have written. May the holy God YHVH and the Son of Man Yeshua hear our plea for true justice, truth and mercy on His remnant. May true peace and love be restored without fear! Do not impeach Obama & Holder…they should be indicted for criminal High Treason along with many others who have allowed the US to become a captured nation under the evil of the radical, nazi Muslim Brotherhood for bloody oil money and corrupt power.

    Proof of high treason by someone? Arms dumped all over the desert! http://www.madworldnews.com/video-want-proof-high-treason-need-see-sea-arms

  2. I remember the last time online I saw they said in a book the Traitor in Chief in White House will be the Head of Caliphate that will unite all Islamic faith. Later, I tried to search and can’t find the page.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7-0Vh7BkLs
    Just wonder how ironic it can be when Traitor in Chief aren’t reacting to ISIS Al Qaeda.


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