SovCam Senate Watch 2014 – Voting Deaf, Dumb and Blind?

The Sovereignty Campaign: U.S. Senate Watch 2014

Update, June 14

In a few hours, this video from a few months ago will be featured in a short and pointed essay I’m preparing. Conventional wisdom being offered to patriot voters is that hopes for political salvation depend on merely tallying up votes for Republicans over Democrats in November’s elections, especially to “win back” the U.S. Senate. But listen to what the pundits reveal about Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (KY-R).

Considering the facetious definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results, what do we think will come of the kind of deaf, dumb, and blind voties we are once again pressured into producing?

I’ll be showing that we need to start making a true difference, instead. We must find out which of these job applicants will truly work for their bosses when hired. To do that, they need to be told what their jobs really are, now don’t they? Or, why would we ever expect them to be good hires?

And if We the People cannot articulate that to them — if we cannot give them a sound job description, how can we have grounds to fire them when a better hire is available? And how do we know whom that better job candidate is?

Let’s give them a sporting chance, then let’s hire and fire knowing what really counts in what we’re doing, while both we and they know exactly the truth they have been told.

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