Video: Brazilians about to Boot Marxist President Rousseff, Jeer Her at FIFA World Cup


Dilma Rousseff maintaining hope at World Cup

This is what we hear from the could-be-great nation of Brazil, currently hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament.

The good news:

Brazilians don’t like their New World Order neo-Marxist president, Dilma Rousseff all so very much.

The bad news:

She will probably be replaced by New World Order Fabianist-socialist, Aécio Neves, who is lining up someone from the payroll of George Soros (think Rothschild complex) to be his Minister of Finance.

That is a rivalry akin to Barack Obama as he yearns to be, challenged by the Obama often coerced to act more like Bill Clinton (or, a money machined Republican). It’s sort of the Marxian dialectic constantly playing out between his own ambitious ears.

And so, the worse news yet:

That sport begins to sound a bit like the game of catch we gringos have been observing in our own yard at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, since… Calvin Coolidge departed… but don’t like to think of it that way.

But here, for your A-V enjoyment, in the words of our Brazilian amigo, Marcos, “70,000 people in the World Cup kick-off match telling president Dilma to do something that would hurt a lot if she obliged.”


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