‘Why I’m Considering Quitting,’ Ann Barnhardt

Even the most dynamic of us feels it. We get to where we all feel it. The more we learn how wrong things really are… and the more we see how obdurately unknowledgeable-to-quasiknowledgeable, and placated even patriotic Americans on the whole are arrayed, the more we grieve. God save us. With your indulgence though, after her confession, I’ll place one further comment. — AW

annbarnhardtbizAnn Barnhardt

This is getting to feel more and more each day like trying to run while submerged in liquid cement. Why bother? If people are incapable on what must be a spiritual level of processing the most obvious, simple things; if all of the explanations, if all of the writing and speaking is the equivalent of trying to teach linear algebra to a clump of wet lint, why bother?

Obama used the known deserter/traitor/musloid convert Bergdahl for the release of the top five most valuable Gitmo detainees because the entire former American government, now fronted by the imbecile-puppet Obama, along with the Clinton machine, and a massive contingent of bureaucrat operatives loyal to the megabanks saturating all three branches and the military, has been overthrown and is explicitly allied with islam. Obama, Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon and on and on has been completely infiltrated by the Musloid Brotherhood, and those not in the MB per se are allied with it because it is a highly complementary political system with a litany of shared goals and objectives, namely the establishment of a tyrannical oligarchy looting and dominating by terror a massive, destitute underclass. Obama IS Musloid Brotherhood, for all intents and purposes. They own him and have since his earliest days. No, he doesn’t believe in the faux-religious aspects of the musloid political system, because almost none of the musloids above the very lowest caste do. It’s a TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM, not a religion. Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in Musloid Brotherhood. Good grief, her right hand “man” and likely lesbian concubine, Huma Abedin, is the daughter of TWO of the highest-ranking Musloid Brotherhood leaders on the planet. The CIA is headed by a “convert” to islam, John Brennan.

When I read commentator after commentator breathlessly asking, “Why would they do this? It looks so bad!” I just shake my head. They did it because THEY ARE THE ENEMY. They’re not Americans. America is dead. It’s their state now, and they will do what they want, when they want, and what you think about it or what the Constitution or the old U.S. Code says is utterly, totally, completely irrelevant.

They don’t care that it looks bad because the overthrow of the constitutional republic is a fait accompli and has been for YEARS. What the hell are you going to do about it? Nothing. Oh, you’ve made that PERFECTLY clear. These people have been committing CAPITAL OFFENSES according to the old U.S. Code on a daily basis for YEARS and NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. No one will do anything except cluck their tongues and shake their heads. Every day you can find some new piece commenting on all of this which uses the word “outrage”. What are you talking about, “I’m outraged”? No you aren’t. If you were outraged you would have done something, and you would have done it a long time ago. And no, signing some bullshit “petition” online is NOT DOING SOMETHING. Spamming people with emails saying, “Oh my gosh, this is outrageous!” is NOT DOING SOMETHING. Making up a damn Twitter hashtag is NOT DOING SOMETHING. Showing up to a “march” where people go for a leisurely walk in a circle with their friends, and then have a cook-out or picnic, and then everyone’s home in time for Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead IS NOT DOING SOMETHING. “Liking” a post on Facebook is NOT DOING SOMETHING.

Catching shameless, conscienceless, murderous psychopaths who now control the largest economy and largest military in human history in a lie or in blatant hypocrisy is not going to cause them to hang their heads in shame and slink off into shameful obscurity. Elections? How stupid do you have to be to still persist in the delusion that A.) elections are fairly contested and B.) this can be solved by rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, which isn’t sinking, it’s ALREADY SUNK AND SITTING ON THE OCEAN FLOOR 2.5 MILES DOWN?

There is only one way these people will ever, ever, ever be stopped. They must be forcefully, physically removed. This means war. This means hot counter-revolution. This means people are going to die on all sides. They will commit atrocities, because they are in the most literal sense, atrocious human beings. The definition of “atrocious” is “horrifyingly wicked”. They will burn everything to the ground and salt the earth before they release their grasp on the money and the power over human life that they have, and continue to gather to themselves in an insatiable lust with each passing day.

And each day there is a new crime, and the frequency of the crimes themselves is the means by which they keep you distracted and wallowing in what I can only describe as a masturbatory impotence driven by a false fantasy of your own “outrage”. Your “outrage” is no more real than the pornographic fantasies people use to masturbate sexually. And every 36 hours – like clockwork – you are handed a new vector for your “outrage” fetish, and the previous one, no longer capable of sustaining the proverbial erection, is forgotten as quickly as it was introduced. Because THIS ONE, this new “outrage”, this is going to be THE ONE, this is going to be the “outrage orgasm” to end all outrage orgasms, and they’re all going to resign, and then it’s going to be “Morning in America” and it’s going to feel just like it did when we were kids forever.

Why don’t I write more? Why don’t I comment extensively on these daily crimes? Why don’t I record podcasts? Because I don’t want to be a Hefner or Guccione or Flynt of this “outrage porn”, feeding this false facade of “oh my gosh, we’re totally doing something” when in fact, you are growing ever more flaccid and ever more supine with each passing day, lost in the fantasy of your own potency.

I dunno. I just don’t know what more to do. I guess all I can do. Pray, and maybe spread a little Gospel. I dunno.


Whatever happens, Americans need to relearn America — what it really means. And we will need to have new and effective ways to keep our politicians under our control — the same with monetary and financial systems and personnel, the same with intelligence, military, legal, public education, and anything our government touches. Here is what I’m inviting you to join, to functionally begin doing just that — whatever happens — God save us.  (AW)


  1. Please don’t quit we need someone to expose and tell the truth like it is. Our country is destroyed but if all good ppl would come together and take the fight to DC we will win this war against musloid commies. I for one am willing to sacrifice for my grandchildren and that makes me dangerous.

  2. Ann is absolutely right, but instead of just “quitting”, she misses a golden opportunity to refocus our efforts on a course that could actually save at least ‘part’ of the country. We are never going to fix the current situation. It’s too far gone. Too rotten to restore. So what then? When you’re in a bad marriage, you get a divorce. We’re in a bad, abusive marriage with DC, so we need a divorce. Secession. Before you scoff, ridicule and dismiss the thought, consider the fact that Judge Napolitano and Dr. Walter Williams have both written and publicly spoken about the virtues and constitutional legality of such a move. After all, it almost worked once before.

  3. I accept Ann’s state of mind, and will carry the touch forward as best I can, and as I have been doing at http://helpingmisguidedvoters.com for nearly two year of double shifts seven days a week, but originally as helpingmisguideddemocrats.com, which is now forwarded to the new web site.

    My email list also goes to many political groups, news sites, attorneys, writers and concerned patriots.

    I have also connected with Operation American Spring (OAS), Standup America, and a police officers web site that has members nationally.

    In addition, I have an emergency food supply and a weapon for whatever happens going forward.

    Never give in; never give up.

    It’s always darkest before the dawn.

    Use this time to read the pages on our web site — to educate yourself to how the economy works, what the real Benghazi story is all about, and about Communism and the non-American, Muslim Communist in the White House — and inform others of who this creepy enemy is. Because what we need is a critical mass to join the OAS group camped-out on the National Mall in Washington, and to inform the lazy stupid Democrats of how they are being enslaved by lies. So we can together get the stupid politicians and judges to act as they are expected to.


  4. This is an excellent article – I agree – I don’t think we are dead yet, merely on life support. I hope you don’t quit because you help give hope to those of us who still understand what is going on and believe in the American our Founding Fathers envisioned.

  5. Ms. Barnhardt,

    Yes, it is tempting to give up, but like Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, & Thomas Jefferson who persevered and risked all to overthrow the yoke of tyranny, so must we. I have been vigorously advocating against our government’s crimes as well as other immoral capers in our society for four years, but like you so saliently established, I may in reality, be doing “nothing” and hate to think such is the case. Unfortunately many of us are pinned-down by the heat and stress of modern existence – the struggle to survive, pay the bills, please the boss, get the kids to school, get to the dentist, spend time with kids, spouse, & friends. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week.

    OK, endless excuses, but it truly is tough to establish an environment that enables the radical action you rightly claim is essential. Oh yes, I am outraged by what I’ve seen in the last 10 years and lack the adequate descriptive words to express my feelings for the rampant abuse of power and the monstrously unethical exploits of our nefarious Obamanation in last few years. If from my fairly educated and media savvy perch on the watch deck, things appear ominous, one could safely wager that it’s only the famous, or in this instance, the infamous tip of the iceberg.

    My research findings lead me to agree with you concerning the Islamazoid infiltration and covert take-over of all facets of our government and society. Our commie/Muslim bred chief executive is the consummate anti-Christ. I am not claiming that he is the Anti-Christ of the Bible, but he may well be that dark knight’s predecessor.

    I am in your corner in regard to trusting Jesus for guidance in response to this dawning holocaust. However, Ms. Barnhardt, are you willing to accompany me and who else might free themselves for such a struggle, to conduct armed guerrilla warfare against the Islamazoid insurgents? It reminds me somewhat of the film, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. But it certainly means the second American revolution against incredibly stacked odds against winning, but the Bible says that with God all things are possible for those who trust Him with all their heart.

    The Word Guru

  6. Vi for Victory says

    Dear Ann Barnhardt,
    So perfectly said. Please don’t quit. Just being able to put into words exactly what is going on takes nerves of steel and a whole lot of angst. I commend you. I have felt something big is going on for years. People look at you like you’re a moron when you comment on what is going on. They say: nothing you can do. Too late the people voted for him. Never happen in America. Or the best,i have one thing to say about it then i don’t want to hear anymore. These are some reasons we are here. They don’t talk politics or religion.
    I thought Our Lord may return soon. But then again HE may very well let this country suffer some serious evil for some time before HIS return. May God bless us all. In God we trust.

  7. Arizona Patriot says

    Thank you Ann. I totally understand.
    I have tried to help stop Obama since the day the antichrist announced his running in Feb 2007. I am still involved with the Sheriff Joe investigation. As I see it, it is our last hope. If no one will do anything will all the evidence we have, there is no longer any hope besides God, Guts & Guns.

  8. I understand the feeling; the frustration, the inconceivableness of it all, the utter hopelessness that looms ahead, BUT I read the end of the book! We win by God’s power and it all works out in the end. Whew! So I do what is eternally meaningful. God will only take two things from this earth before He burns it up and replaces it with a much better place; God’s Word and God’s people. Those are the only two things worth our time and our effort. America, the Republic, the center of liberty of the world is important in that it is a base to spread the Gospel in freedom, without restraint . Looking from a purely spiritual viewpoint though, it appears that the prosperity of our increasingly secular culture has become a hindrance, an insurmountable obstacle to that end. The places where Christianity are spreading, being embraced in today’s world are North Korea, China and the Arab world (Read “Dreams and Visions” by Tom Doyle).
    Maybe it’s time to let her, our dear America, go for God’s sake, for the sake of the Gospel. I’m not ready, I still post my little heart out every day, but the conversation I had the other day, explaining the Gospel and the cost of sin and the promise of Heaven to my grand daughter and hearing her say, “I believe. I believe in God.” was the true work of my heart. We must make sure we have crossed the barrier of fear and speak the forbidden words before we are silenced forever. The end is near, repent and spread the wonderful Words of Life, salvation and HOPE! … Yet We were told to occupy until He returns, do not leave your post until you see Him in the clouds! Maranatha and Blessings!

  9. sparkleplenty27 says

    What Ann has to say is 100% accurate – and suggesting she and others “NOT QUIT” is as pointless as all the other exercises outlined by her. The FACT is that she (and others) have been sounding alarms, giving information, seeking action, inspiring, offering ideas and leadership – all to no avail. With each passing day/week/month, the crimes of this govt. mount; and with each new crime some of us think (briefly) “surely THIS will get people off their asses. Surely THIS will foment sufficient anger to actually prompt people to organize for the purpose of stopping this government..” And then it is quickly clear that NOTHING that has happened, NOTHING that will happen, NOTHING whatsoever, will cause our populace sufficient angst to stand up, to take action (and risk), and to feel the passionate need to bring this government down. SIX years and counting, and crime after crime, lie after lie, outrage after outrage – and ZERO. For my part I have suggested for over FIVE YEARS that the only solution to our massive problems was war – essentially taking control over the whole government, removing everyone, setting up a provisional government to handle the dismantling. The real issue is that WE THE PEOPLE have enabled and allowed our government system to disintegrate! It is 100% broken so NO election, NO leader, NO well meaning movement will alter that fact, and all who enter the arena are soon struck with that reality, and the need to go along to get along. One worse than the next, one lie bigger than the previous, one betrayal bigger and more gruesome than the last. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN and there is NO election that will alter that FACT, period. We somehow think that if we just go to the polls in sufficient numbers, things will magically change, all will be well, things will be righted. BULLSHIT – utter bullshit. America is a lost cause, and the people (both liberal and conservative) have their heads to far buried into dark and dreary places, they can’t see – and as we know, there is none so blind as those who will NOT SEE. Things are very clear and have been for a very long time – but we waste months and years tweeting, emailing blasts, petitions, whines, complaints, verbalized (yet empty) outrage. The problems are vast, and encompass ALL groups, all parties, all candidates, all in office – the Tea Party has been and continues to be a major disappointment, having squandered numerous chances to force change, but focusing on local elections and unvetted candidates at the state levels. All well as opposed to doing zip, but not much different as we see by the speedy decline in America on all fronts. As with Ann, I am fed up, disgusted, sick to death of rhetoric and BS coming from most every corner, and angry about how ignorant and lazy and accepting the US population really is. We have no hope as things now stand – we’ve been consumed with apathy; too comfy to give a rip, or to take a stand that bodes discomfort or, GOD FORBID, risk!
    I’m with Ann – I blogged, wrote a book, made contact with countless ‘patriot’ groups suggesting what I felt was the better course of action (unity, NATIONAL unity), and what did I get? I got banned from such groups for questioning them, for suggesting a different course of action. So, to all I say screw it.

    • Little Bright Feather says

      Jesus is the light, not us. WE are to follow HIM and let HIM light the way.
      WE cannot take our eyes off HIM or we begin to sink.

      He never gave up. And He never gave up on us – let us not give up on HIM and the mission He has each one of us appointed for.

      Yes life is depressing now for everyone but this is when we need God’s light more then ever.
      And this too shall pass. But it has to be in God’s time, not ours.
      God will let us know when it’s time for OUR purpose and that time is getting very close now so snap out of it people and let’s get ready and prayed up because Jesus must lead the way !

      Lock and load people !



  10. Homeyklawz Nozenugget says

    I don’t see YOU charging the White House with an AR-15 either, Ann…….. so STFU.

  11. Carole Robinson says

    always darkest before the dawn.

  12. I am in the same depression as Ann, trying to educate people how much they are already GULAG bound for at least 10 years (and I came here from the Evil Empire, the nation of GULAGs!).

    The counter revolution of the patriotic remnants mentioned by Ann is the only remedy (if any). However the place to start it is at a local grass root level – by throwing threw the window your local party chair, and remaking your local chapter into a new patriotic party tentatively called the Judeo-Christian America with this http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm .

    The repoooblican (and all other existing parties including the Tea-ers in the moment) are criminal organizations co-opted by the enemies. They all collaborated in the 2008/2012 coup. They must be fully exposed and denounced. The role of the Judeo-Christian America’s must be to destroy the collaborators and the accomplices rather than to co-exist with them becoming merely one more impotent party good for nothing. Please bear in the mind that it is much more easy a task to throw through the window your local chair than any chair higher… If it is not doable at the local levels at many unguarded places, it is not doable at all.

    Is our battle doomed, meaning that we are battling against the motion of the tectonic plated, or against the fall of the Roman Empire (like it is recalled in the recent Whistle Blower of wnd.com)? I had analyzed it in http://www.resonoelusono.com/2008vs1917.htm . It may look so, but nobody knows for sure…

    Is the battle over? No, surely not. So far as the freedom of speech and few other freedoms still exist, the battle is not over (and its outcome is still not known).

    Alexander Gofen

  13. I can’t agree with you more Ann and am promoting a plan I believe can accomplish it.


  14. Action is being taken. There is a nationwide movement to reassert the unalienable rights usurped by Government. It is being accomplished by the Amendment V Common Law Grand Jury and Amendment VI Common Law Trial Juries. The Founding Fathers wrote them only in the Bill of Rights to be independent of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches thereby providing a check and balance against the tyrannical Government we are experiencing.

    It can only work by the People registering as jurists at http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org

  15. Ann, the problem is not a political one.
    America is Godless now.
    Without a shave your head and cover yourselves in sack cloth and ashes revival and repentance toward Jesus Christ, we are doomed.
    I was one of the founders of the Hartford Tea Party in 2009 and I learned it the hard way, I thought we could make a difference as long as we educated, motivated, and activated people.

    I was wrong.

    No one really cares, not enough really, to make the changes necessary in this nation from a political standpoint.

    And THAT is because hardly anyone knows right from wrong anymore according to the Bible.

    When so called conservatives defend legalizing drugs and gay marriage, the party is over.

  16. please dont quit your one of the3% heroes! i feel that way alot .they want us to just accept their way .aint gonna happen ,God will prevail!

  17. Please don’t quite, Ann. We need your spirit and encouragement. Americas traditionally wake up at the last minute – and we are getting so close to that point – I expect the PEOPLE, America’s sleeping giant, to be waking very soon.

  18. Ms.Barnhardt why do you find it necessary to express your umbrage by using the very poignant terminology of an educated person to describe vile and despicable acts of l lustful behavior which expressly offend a great majority of those of faith who might share your umbrage but who disdain your very lewd and offensive word portraiture.


  20. Ann,
    Is it possible that you have missed the source of the problem? Democrats were guided into giving deadbeats what they don’t deserve and Republicans foolishly sucked up to the rich and war mongers and wasted an equal amount of money. Where was the common sense middle when all of this was going on.
    The middle don’t get elected, only radicals do. The source of the problem is our representatives. We should have never allowed our right to vote directly on the issues and court cases to be given to an elite class. Representative government distorts the will of the people. I personally would have never voted to bail out the big banks, Corzine, or to waste a trillion on Iraq, or obamacare…..would you have? I would have bombed
    A religion that’s stated goal was to wipe out any who is not their religion. There are all kinds of money wasters that I would have voted against. Direct democracy that leaves each person in total control of his own money. If the gov wants my money make me an offer that makes sense. User fees…gas taxes make sense. Feeding loosers doesnt. Ann…. why don’t you run for office on the grounds that you will cast your ballot on every issue according to registered public opinion at the courthouse. Thus giving the power back to the people without a messy revolution?

  21. I HOPE YOU QUIT. Because unlike you I served the nation in Iraq and Afghanistan. You talk so much about being patroic, Islam, Obama, political parties, and list never end! Unless you are will to die and serve your country like so many men and women are doing for what they believe in…don’t say you quiting we are all better off if you just leave and also with much political talk can YOU even being nominated in YOUR own state NOT the Jews or Islamic BUT Christians votes? We can ALL tell the results by some comments you made specificly you own parties had to say about you.

  22. Michael Lewinski says


    I remember when you you so honorably shut down your business. Thank you for your courage and honor. Time is short now and we will find out what Americans are made of. I pray that at their core they are you.

  23. Judging from this article, which is I confess, the first and only I have read of her work – this link was offered me by a good friend who insisted I must read it – my friend is a devotee of Ann’s. Ann, it seems to me, is a very depressed woman, almost if not, clinically depressed – who seems intent on spreading that hopelessness and depression to others.

    In every nearly comment to this piece, people have disagreed with her strict, hardcore defeatist view. However they do love Ann and have begged her to lighten up. Just a little. Ann, America is not lost. Is not already destroyed. Everything is not useless, our actions are not hopeless. Yes, we might have to go to war, as a veteran, judging from what I’m seeing – I think it’s a possibility that can’t be ruled out.

    However, knowing this does not make meaningless, without hope of success every effort we are doing to change things without having to resort to war. With apologies to everyone, to my Friend especially, but I will never ever follow this woman.

  24. Little Bright Feather says


    Satan never gives up – he just keeps going trying to wear us down – that is his trick.
    Notice his people never quit either. They are like the energizer bunny – they just keep going and going and going – even when all looks lost they just keep on going.


    Thank God Jesus never gave up His struggles on His way to His main mission – sacrifice for us all so we could have salvation !

    Don’t let us give up on what HE trusts us to do !
    WE each are here for a purpose at this time in history. LET US NOT FAIL OR GET WEARY IN OUR MISSION !


    The only way to fail is to quit.
    There is NO failure unless there is a quitting.

    Quitting is the only real failure.





  25. 3:56 AM 12/12/2020


    ” … there is only one way these people will ever, ever, ever be stopped. They must be forcefully, physically removed. This means war. This means hot counter-revolution. This means people are going to die on all sides. They will commit atrocities, because they are[,] in the most literal sense, atrocious human beings. The definition of “atrocious” is “horrifyingly wicked”. They will burn everything to the ground and salt the earth before they release their grasp on the money and the power over human life that they have, and continue to gather to themselves in an insatiable lust with each passing day … ” …

    As Christ remonstrated,
    ” … and[,] when an unclean spirit is gone out of a man[,] he walketh through dry places seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith: I will return into my house from whence I came out. And coming[,] he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then he goeth, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in[,] and dwell there: and the last state of that man is made worse than the first. So shall it be also to this wicked generation … ” …

    The only thing these demonic treasonous traitorous enemies of the TRUE State will EVER understand is the barrel of a loaded and cocked gun phallatio’ed and physically shoved down their scumbag throat as the phallic symbol of the TRUE justice and strength they need and deserve to be delivered to them, for them to submit, to surrender, and to serve TRUE justice on their knees where they belong, graveyard bound.

    They laugh at petitions, sit-ins, marches, million-man-marches, flash mobs, internet consternative bloviating, demonstrations, et alii, etc. They..could..care..less. Only them swallowing the barrel of a gun will finally get them to submit and surrender to the TRUE justice … the One TRUTH from The One Word. They will NEVER understand “good”, TRUTH, and righteousness, but they WILL finally submit and surrender.

    These are not men. These are filth born from the depths of Sheol and The Davey Jones Locker of the lake of sulfur.

    Ann is right. If you are not willing to pull the trigger, you’re useless, you’re cuckolded, you’re complicit, you’re beaten, you’re done. It, unfortunately, has come to this, and it IS that black and white.

    As Christ remonstrated,
    ” … he that is not with Me, is against Me … “,
    and, again,
    ” … a good man out of a good treasure bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of an evil treasure bringeth forth evil things … “.

    If you do not eliminate, with extreme prejudice, the cockroaches, the vermin, they WILL return … they will never stop … until stopped.

    Beware, the exorcising of the damned IS coming, whether they see it coming or not.

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