Sarah Palin 100% Right on Obama and Bergdahl or Not Seeing Enough?

Excellent as usual. Except, Barack Obama didn’t blow it. He and his left-siders of the ?NWO? are with the Jihadi terrorists. Or, if he blew it, it will be because Americans learn from this and come to understand.

The New World Order, especially it’s leftist side, wants military morale to tank — that of the true patriots in the military, that is. They want them out, marginalized, and suspected as terrorists, so UN/NATO true-believers remain to do its dirty work, as “a global force for good” — and an ever increasing domestic force.

In Facebook this morning:

Palin-Saray-fbSarah Palin

Commander-in-Chief’s Definition of “Honorable Service” Includes Anti-American Actions While in Uniform; He Just Destroyed Troop Morale

The Obama administration tells America this soldier served “with honor and distinction.” (

No, Mr. President, a soldier expressing horrid anti-American beliefs – even boldly putting them in writing and unabashedly firing off his messages ( while in uniform, just three days before he left his unit on foot – is not “honorable service.” Unless that is your standard.

Please use your White House Rose Garden to praise the truly honorable service of our good U.S. troops who were killed in their search for Sgt. Bergdahl ( Praise the soldiers who fought with everything they had to defeat Islamic terrorists, those whom you just freed from prison. Our men gave all. Our surviving combat vets will forever live with the effects of the missions they willingly engaged in to protect you, our country, and certainly their brothers and sisters who are proud to wear the uniform.

You blew it again, Barack Obama, by negotiating away any leverage against the bad guys as these bad guys – Osama Bin Laden’s partners in evil crime – joyfully celebrate their “win” in the deal you sealed.

– Sarah Palin

For Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s dot-connecting see the Bound’s “DC’s Pentagon Plan: War is Peace, Citizens are the Enemy” and our ever-updating categories and tags, including “Bowe Bergdahl.” Also, The Globe & Malevolence. (And patriot tweeps will know what to do.)


  1. Listen to the TRUTH-TELLER, America!

    Sarah Palin has SLAMMED Obama on this REPREHENSIBLE decision….. and no wonder the WH released the Bergdahl scandal – 79% are blaming Obama for the shocking *Delay, Deny and wait until they Die* VAScandal!

    The Democrats would have been screaming at the WH to DO SOMETHING!

    …. …. well, breaking the LAW and releasing 5 cold-blooded MURDERERS in exchange for a DISHONORABLE DESERTER who should be COURT-MARTIALLED, certainly changed the subject – did it not?

    and gave a WORSE subject for the DEMs to try and defend

    Good luck with that, Obama-clinging LEMMINGS …………….

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