Islam: Some Religions are More Equal than Others

Subjugating Tulsa to Islam since 2010… Obeying the Da’wah.
“Inviting to the Way of submission and surrender to Allah.”

Justice for all, but some more than others evidently — welcome to DhimmiTulsa. Religious freedom is obviously not for Christians or others… it’s for Muslims and if you are a cop in Tulsa, you will obey and submit or be punished. So sayeth a panel of federal judges in Denver. Captain Paul Fields just lost his court battle in the Tenth Circuit, Paul Fields v. City of Tulsa, which began in 2010. Captain Fields summarily refused to attend the Masjid al-Salam Mosque in Tulsa as ordered by his superiors. He also said he would not command his officers to attend if it violated their religious beliefs. Fields was instructed to attend a ‘learning’ event at the mosque. Never mind that Captain Fields had been an outstanding police officer for 17 years… because he would not submit, he was demoted, had his pay reduced and could not be promoted for a year. The man was punished for being a Christian – in the heart of the Bible Belt no less.

Background from Maggie’s Notebook:

Captain Paul Fields of the Tulsa Police was suspended and then transferred for refusing to order his officers to attend an event at the Masjid al-Salam, the Islamic Society of Tulsa (IST). Masjid al-Salam means Mosque of Peace Be Upon You (or something very close). In the IST constitution, on their website, they say they have a “continuous affiliation with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).” The ISNA is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trials (they collected charitable funds and funneled the money to Hamas and others), as is the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), who owns IST. It is believed the NAIT is funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Video below. Source: my previous post.

The officers were to meet with the leadership of the mosque, view the Quran, learn about Islam and were urged to buy pamphlets and books. I’m sure they were also urged to convert. Radical Islam is religious fascism. You can bet they are moving into every police department across the nation, converting officers and recruiting warriors for Islam and Sharia — just as they are doing in the prisons. They want the strongest warriors among us – violent or not — prisoners, athletes, military, police officers. The Tulsa Islamic organization has featured speakers such as Imam Siraj Wahhaj, “a Shariah-adherent Muslim who promotes the destruction of Western civilization and the creation of an Islamic caliphate.”

The Marxist judges sitting on the Tenth Circuit have declared that Captain Fields did not have a right to observe his religious rights under the Constitution — you know, that dusty old document that is supposed to guarantee our rights and freedoms. So passe. Gee, Tulsa is beginning to feel a lot like Dearbornistan. I agree with BlazingCatFuroh, vomit! Refusing indoctrination is not proselytizing or the denial of protection of the mosque or religion itself (this officer had previously protected the mosque from violent individuals) — it is his right under the First Amendment, you commie asshats. What part of religious freedom don’t you Marxists comprehend exactly? You only seem to understand it when it benefits your Progressive agenda. I call that selective evil.

Captain Fields is being represented by the American Freedom Law Center, who correctly argues that Fields’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights are being violated. He is being persecuted for his religious objections. The Tenth Circuit ignored the “religious objections” argument, saying it was “not preserved” by the District Court.

If this incident had occurred with Muslims being ordered to attend an event they objected to religiously and the same actions had been taken, the whole chain of command would have been fired. Count on it. Captain Fields was permanently demoted for this. When this order came down from the Chief of Police, Chuck Jordan, no one… and I mean no one volunteered. They were then ordered to attend and Fields had the backbone to stand up and say ‘no.’ Nor would he force his officers to comply. The man is a hero in my book. From the American Freedom Law Center:

There was no agenda on the invitation flyer—nor was one created by City police officials—for the invited officers to discuss crime or crime related issues of any kind. Consequently, the Islamic event was not a function of what is known as “Community Policing,” nor did this event involve a “call for service.” In sum, it was a private event hosted by an Islamic religious organization. Read more.

I will also put forth the questions asked by Maggie’s Notebook – posited back in 2011:

• Does/did Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan know about Islamic Society of Tulsa’s connections to the ISNA, NAIT, and the Muslim Brotherhood when they suspended and reassigned Captain Paul Fields, and then charged him with having an “anti-Islamic agenda?”

• Did Jordan know it when he and 150 Tulsa police officers shared the hospitality of BBQ chicken and baklava with the Islamic Center of Tulsa?

• Do un-indicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding trials mean nothing to Tulsa law enforcement?

• Do FBI reports mean nothing? It doesn’t matter whether mosque goers are seen as peaceful members of the community. The Masjid al-Salam Islamic Society of Tulsa has terrorist ties. Z Truth has the story of the anti-Islamic agenda charge against Fields and some good commentary.

Fields is appealing this, as he should. This case should go all the way to the Supreme Court. But given their leanings these days, who knows what the outcome would be. I do know this… more cops should have the character to refuse orders such as these. It is principle and survival we are speaking of here.

As Ironic Surrealism so aptly put it, this has the rancid stench of [state sanctioned] Sharia all over it:

(Christian News Network) — TULSA, Okla. – An appeals court has ruled that the rights of an Oklahoma police captain that was punished in 2010 for refusing to attend an Islamic service were not violated.

As previously reported, three years ago, Captain Paul Fields was ordered to attend “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” which was hosted by the Islamic Society of Tulsa at a local mosque. The event, held on an Islamic holy day, was to include a tour of the mosque, an Islamic prayer service, lectures on the Islamic faith and meetings with local Muslim leaders.

Because Fields is a Christian, he felt uncomfortable with attending the event, which was not an official police function. He reportedly met with his superiors to express his concerns and outline why he believed that it was unlawful for the Tulsa Police Department to force him to attend.

“This event is not a police ‘call for service,’ which I would readily respond to as required by my oath of office,” Fields wrote in an email. “It is my opinion, and that of my legal counsel, that forcing me to enter a mosque when it is not directly related to a police call for service is a violation of my civil rights.”

“This is not about religion,” said Police Chief Charles Jordan. “[W]e’re not going because they’re Islamic; we’re going because they’re Tulsa citizens.”

And the bull crap piles ever deeper. This IS the persecution of Christians and the insinuation of Islamic control into all of our centers of power and control. It is a coup plain and simple, with the knowing assistance of those who would willingly submit to Islam for personal gain. The question becomes… Christians are you in? Are you game to stand up and fight for your faith and beliefs? Constitutionalists – where do we draw the line and say: ‘no more?’

From the Velvet Hammer at Ironic Surrealism:

FORCED to attend a day of islamic indoctrination at the Islamic Society of Tulsa’s mosque. IST is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America who fund the terrorist group hamas! And stripped of his command when he refused based on his Christian religious beliefs. YET his rights were not violated.

Did ya get all that?

Separation of Church and State: Yes

Separation of mosque and State: No

So, you see… in the transformed United States of America, some religions are more equal than others, with Islam leading the way. In the name of political correctness, we are destroying the Constitution and all it stands for. If departments such as the Tulsa Police Department demand their officers attend mosques, do you really believe there will not come a time that they demand they stand against American citizens? Especially Christians.

Read more at the American Freedom Law Center…

Update: Tulsa Police Department awarded federal hiring grant

Tulsa Police Department awarded federal hiring grant — The federal money will fund 19 new police positions and allow for an academy in the spring.

“The Tulsa Police Department was awarded a three-year, $3.5 million federal hiring program grant, Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced Sunday.”


“These grants are extremely competitive, especially in today’s financial environment,” Bartlett said, noting less than 12 percent of departments that apply are awarded the grant.

Community Oriented Policing Services, a division of the Justice Department, awarded more than $243 million in hiring program grants, which will fund 1,021 law enforcement positions, the agency announced Wednesday.


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  3. I notice there was no discussion anywhere of the court’s actual reasoning in the case. And there do seem to be some inaccuracies here– officers were NOT being “urged to buy” pamphlets or books. This is sloppy work.

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