US Senate Candidate Dave Westlake – WI on Lady Libertas, Tonight

Dave Westlake, candidate for United States Senate in Wisconsin’s Republican Primary (Tuesday, September 14) is a Special Guest on the “Truth and Liberty with Lady Libertas” netradio program at PHN.

Westlake is running down to the wire, campaigning for the conservative, “classic liberal” principles with which America must be renewed.

Find out where he stands on the issues most important to you.  Contact those you know in Wisconsin – you still have time.

Also, a Restoring Honor Rally Wrap-up! Tune in for Patriots who will be calling in to share their experiences from DC!

Time of broadcast: Monday August 30, 8-10pm CT –  and you can listen here:

or click to the broadcast sight with live chat ~ or listen by phone at 347/215-6929

Candidate Comparison with opponent, furnished by the Westlake campaign:

click to see large .pdf file


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