By: Trevor Loudon


New Zeal

The brilliant Karen Straughan gives a very blunt, honest and cogent defense of traditional marriage, patriarchy and the traditional family.


  1. Wow! that was super interesting. I kept thinking as I watched the first half, yes I know this, yes, my husband and I have thought this, but by the end, it really all comes together. I’ve read how young Western men are increasingly adolescent and irresponsible.. and how can we in fact blame them? Yes, make great money, get married, buy a house.. but why? When playing games and going to bars is so much easier. And of course the alternative message is there for young women. Not just western of course, I’ve read previously about how young Japanese women didn’t want to get married, when they can just shop and travel with their girlfriends! I detest the welfare mom trend, and not because of a purely moral, traditional reason. I blame the socialist utopian liars the most of course, for making this seem like a reasonable alternative for men and women. I hope you are writing a master’s thesis with this work Ms. Straughan, because this sounds like one and you deserve it! And I trust you’ll put it to good use, if not for great economic payoff, at least in raising your children with a smart, thinking mom behind them.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Appreciate the insights, Katherine. “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” will never be refuted. They could never be, even if they were not self-evident to us.

  2. Oh dear. If this is brilliance, I really fear to see foolishness. A blow-by-blow discussion would be tedious, so I’ll go for a central point: At a basic level, it’s not clear what sort of creature she is discussing. She speaks of the “economic” exchanges between “men” and “women,” but it isn’t at all clear she’s talking about reasoning, socially aware, socially and historically embedded, human beings of the sort we now are. Tellingly, part of the empirical support for her argument involves the non-human capuchin monkey. Modern human sexual and marital relations are evidently illuminated by studying monkeys trading tokens for sex….. Now, of course we evolved from primates and share many basic physiological and psychological traits with them, but sex, childbirth and child rearing, economic transactions of all sorts, for us occur only in a social world with certain culturally, historically, defined expectations. For instance, we do live in a time where women have “daycare, a social safety net, maternity leave, baby formula, jobs offering flextime and health benefits.”Discussing our problems in terms of the primitive lives of capuchin monkeys in labs or allegedly historical men and women who apparently lived in a time with no social network other than brute economic transactions, where one’s sexuality or labor is literally sold to another, is, to put it very, very mildly, unwise. (Other random point: “Equally culpable” for exploitation: You get to insist that I get us some food, I get to insist you have sex with me… perfect equity there, right?)

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