Federal ‘Entitlements’ Account for U.S. Spending & Debt Blowup (graph)

Defense spending, unlike “welfare” and “social security” programs, is constitutional for federal government.

Let’s not fall for the neo-Marxist myth that it is the reason for our insanely iniquitous spending and debt, now brought to levels of sabotage.

Here are the facts (and let’s not minimize the sin of inflicting chronic usury debt upon our sovereign population and its children, coupled with its co-evil twin, the debauching of our currency through inflation).


See Chris Edwards’ article “50 Years of Federal Spendingat cato.org (a site The Bound does not completely endorse) for the low-down, including the above graph.


  1. Please be aware of the arrest of Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB for quoting Winston Churchill:

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