Run Ted, Run!!!

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Will Ted Cruz run for President? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is Barack Obama a communist?


  1. What the heck? Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president of the US! Good Lord, The man was born in Canada and unlike the fake president, he actually admits that! You can’t have dual citizenship to be in the presidency. Please stop the madness. Everyone please stop trying to make us a new king! People can fulfill all kinds of roles to save this country. Not everyone with the right stuff HAS to be in that office. There’s plenty of people who actually qualify, can’t we stick to those? I expected better of this site and this writer and activist.

  2. I would like to raise enough money to relocate TC back to Canada. I will even do what I can to raise money enough to get him running for PM. Hope TC speaks Québécoise. If you agree, let me know. I do have contacts in Canada. Relevant contacts who can help. This would be so great I would even say my sister who lives in ONT would be more than willing to organize a base. These people I know love doing things like this just for shits and giggles. This is great, eh?? FYI – I live in Texas. I never heard of TC before his ascent to Washington. I did not, nor will I ever vote for TC.

    Kate T

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