Death of Conservatism Greatly Exaggerated, but Know Your Enemy

Peter Berkowitz’ half-apt analysis is making the rounds today, from The Wall Street Journal and so it begins:

The Death of Conservatism Was Greatly Exaggerated

In 2008 liberals proclaimed the collapse of Reaganism.  Two years later the idea of limited government is back in vogue.

Very good, but Mr. Berkowitz’ article concludes:

The Gingrich revolution fizzled, in part because congressional Republicans mistook a popular mandate for moderation as a license to undertake radical change, and in part because they grew complacent and corrupt in the corridors of power.

Perhaps this time will be different. Our holiday from history is over. The country faces threats—crippling government expansion at home and transnational Islamic extremism—that arouse conservative instincts and concentrate the conservative mind.

If you permit, let’s all say Peter Berkowitz represents American conservatives.

Peter, we are very glad you understand that our long, nightmarish holiday is over.  But Peter, we need you to go to work now and you have to understand your job description.

What you cite are not your greatest threats.  And “threats?”  You do not face a threat, but an utterly real war, albeit a soft war. What is occurring in your American society is not just crippling  “government expansion” and the greatest transnational attack upon you is not from Islamic extremism.

The warfare waged against you, Mr. Berkowitz, is global neo-Marxism, from Marxist Americans, literally coordinated with Marxism’s great, post-Soviet advancement, all over the world.

Excellent that your instincts are aroused — now clear your conservative mind, Peter, and see the enemy’s incoming weaponry aimed at your heart.

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