Americans Think Red Dawn is Nonsense… Russians, Not So Much

It’s amazing what one can learn from a leaked call involving your enemies. Not surprising, but enlightening. And don’t be fooled into thinking that these two Russkies were simply joking. Sometimes, the boldest plans are laid bare through humor

The leaked call was between two Russian diplomats and involved the humorous topic of European and American conquests. Careful… don’t laugh yourself to death over this. I, personally, seem to have misplaced my funny bone over the whole episode.

A YouTube account that belongs to one “Michael Berkan,” has posted a video starring Igor Nilokaevich Chubarov and Sergey Viktorovich Bakharev. They are Russian ambassadors to the illustrious African nations of Eritrea, Zimbabwe and Malawi. To pass the time, I guess they thought they would yuck it up with future dreams of annexing California and Florida. Probably with the help of Obama. Others are now questioning Obama’s loyalties – finally. Beaton at the Aspen Times wonders if Obama is a Manchurian Candidate and is actively helping the Russians. Funny… I’m wondering the same thing. Obama is a Communist ‘fellow traveler’ and he is certainly flexible.

Here is the exchange – it’s a hoot:

IGOR NILOAKAEVICH CHUBAROV: Now I have a very simple task, for the time being I’m saying the only key thing to those EU HoMs. I’m repeating: “Guys, we’ve taken away Crimea but it’s not the fucking end. [laughter] In the future we’ll take away your [laughter] fucking Catalonia, Venice, as well as Cattleland (Scotland), and Alaska. And we’ll never rest content with that” [laughter].

SERGEY VIKTOROVICH BAHAREV: At first stage we will.

CHUBAROV: Agreed, only at first stage, and later we’ll think it over. All those fucking limitrophes, e.g. Latvia, Estonia, and other Europeans as well as Romanians, and Bulgarians, we’ll kick their asses in the right direction – where they have to be.

VIKTOROVICH BAHAREV: Oh no, it’s better not to touch them, we are not going to kick them in. It’ll be better for us to disturb “Californialand,” “Miamiland,” that sort of desolated regions [laughter]

CHUBAROV: You’re right, there’s practically fucking 95 percent of our citizens in “Miamiland” [laughter]


CHUBAROV: We have full right to hold a referendum.

VIKTOROVICH BAHAREV: As well as “Londonland!”

CHUBAROV: Yes certainly, you’re right. We’ll leave for a while Romanians and Bulgarians, let them stay so far in the EU [laughter]

VIKTOROVICH BAHAREV: Together with the Baltic shit.

In a slightly more serious tone, Chubarov then tells his comrade that the EU told him Russia should take back Romania and Bulgaria:

CHUBAROV: By the way, the EU HoD and I recently had a chat, you know, about all kinds of things, just being lost in the crowd, and he asked: “Listen, take back those Romania and Bulgaria.” “Definitely, no,” I answered. “Guys, nothing will come of it.”

VIKTOROVICH BAHAREV: Enjoy yourself with all that stuff [laughter]

Communist boys will be boys, but hey… while they make fun of America and the world and while Russia tells the US to stop their tantrums and practice some yoga, they are indeed planning further expansionism and there is no one currently to stand in their way. Russia may not waltz into Anchorage, LA or Miami next week, but we are on their dance card. As Obama dons a tutu and spins to a Russian Chastushka, the world readies for a Communist death march. Americans think a ‘Red Dawn’ scenario is nonsense… the Russians, not so much. It is the ‘Red Dawn’ of a new Russian Imperial Age.

Do svidaniya Comrades! Pass the Vodka.


  1. Arizona Patriot says

    Russia has not been communis since Reagan. You can wake up to reality any time now. The U.S. be communist by next week if you don’t stop being distracted by nonsense.

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