Stick it to the RINOs! — Support Kerry Bentivolio (MI-11)!

By: Dick Manasseri

The GOP wants to crush the Tea Party and the Liberty groups.

The GOP values self-interest over principle, like Obama and Narcissus.

Legend has it that Narcissus committed suicide.
Could that be the Establishment GOP’s fate?

The RINOs are running a Top Fundraiser against
Principled Constitutionalist — Kerry Bentivolio

Bentivolio is a former soldier, teacher, actor and scholar. He served in Vietnam as an infantryman and remained in the Michigan Army National Guard through both Iraq wars until he was well into his 50s. His experience in the military has inculcated him with an America-first sense of foreign policy. His experience as an English teacher has taught him that we need to abolish the federal government’s foothold in education. His experience as a farmer has taught him the virtues of the free market and the vices of government intervention in agriculture. Kerry is not one who will go along to get along; he will fight the big-government crowd in both parties.

Bentivolio joins Justin Amash as one of the top Constitutionalists within the Michigan delegation which includes a number of RINOs.

The Establishment GOP, nationally and in Michigan, has targeted Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio precisely because of their Heritage Action voting records.

David Trott, a lawyer with lots of money and GOP business connections is opposing Bentivolio. As expected, Trott’s campaign fund dwarfs Bentivolio’s. Kerry needs your help!

Why would the GOP encourage Trott and his money to take out a true Constitutionalist like Bentivolio when they could help save the country by using these same resources to defeat Saul Alinsky disciple Rep. Gary Peters in his run for the Michigan U.S. Senate seat?

Stick it to the RINOs — $$upport Kerry Bentivolio

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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