The Putin/Obama Game that is Bigger than the Ukraine

By: Dick Manasseri

“Ukraine is Game to You!?”
Not funny!

The Ukrainian Famine was a dreadful famine premeditated by the Soviet Union, headed by Communist Joseph Stalin during 1932-1933, as a means to undermine the nationalistic pride of the Ukrainian people.

Despite the fact that more than 5,000,000 Ukrainians died as a result of this deliberate genocide, FDR conveyed “legitimacy on the Communist dictatorship” when he recognized the Soviet Union on November 16, 1933.

At the Yalta Conference in 1945, FDR agreed to the annexation of the Ukraine into the Soviet Union behind what Churchill called the “Iron Curtain.”

Fast forward to 2009 and Barack Obama’s first budget proposal and you will see that 80% of the cuts to the discretionary programs affected the US military, drastically reducing the defense systems that would protect countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine from Putin’s Russia.

Today, Obama continues to weaken the US military, just as Putin moves westward into Europe, China expands its naval reach, Venezuela erupts and we, without provocation, terminate the Monroe Doctrine.

It is so much easier to understand that the Putin/Obama Game is bigger than the Ukraine if you have seen the documentary “AGENDA: Grinding America Down.” The Game is simply an orchestrated continuation of the Global Left’s game plan to take down America.

Trevor Loudon’s remarks in the film are backed up by extensive research in his Enemies Within books that provide compelling evidence that there are Putin disciples within the Congress and the White House.

One can’t help but wonder how much of the rhetoric that comes out of Obama’s teleprompter on the Ukraine and everything else is controlled by Putin?

Meanwhile, the Obama Executive Order “pen” has the regulatory addicts inside the Beltway ecstatically issuing transformational edicts that would make Cloward & Piven’s heads swim as they grind down our liberties.

Not yet an “Iron Curtain,” the ever-tightening Putin/Obama “Iron Net” is firmly draped over America anchored by bankrupted cities, indoctrination schools, a sycophant media, GLTB zealots, government-funded Abortionists, SWAT-ready police, “social justice” clergy and slavish state legislatures hungry for federal dollars regardless of their freedom-limiting strings.

Short of real 2nd Amendment bullets, what weapons do we have to save the US Constitution and our own personal freedom?

We, the grassroots that have yet to be ensnared inside the Iron Net, still have each other and our elected state representatives, who, on a good day, can be reminded of their oath to “preserve and protect” the US Constitution.

Ask the candidates that seek your vote what they know about Article V and the Convention of the States Project; ask them if they understand why Wallbuilders Founder, David Barton, believes that “…for states to refuse to use this tool [to limit the power of the federal government] would be like going into a street fight, but refusing to use one of your biggest and most effective weapons.”

This “street fight” is real and it is upon us. Putin/Obama want you to surrender your guns, your liberties, and, if necessary for their dominance, your lives.

If we can avoid Martial Law, there will be primary and general elections this year and in 2016. While candidates are busy getting elected, it will take your knowledge of the Constitution to demand that those you elect use the Constitution to save the Constitution.

Time to get busy! The Putin/Obama Team won’t wait!


  1. Arizona Patriot says

    Putin is not a communist. He is not the enemy to America. He may be the only one who can save us from Obama.
    It is sad to see that people were sleeping during the Reagan administration.

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