Hunting RINO with Katrina Pierson — All Together Now — Ready-Aim-Fire!

By: Dick Manasseri

RINO Season Opens–All Together Now–Ready-Aim-Fire!

RINO Hunt #1 — March 4th Texas Primary
32nd Congressional District

Constitutionalist Katrina Pierson vs. RINO Pete Sessions

Constitutionalists across the country need to start right now, pulling the trigger in unison, taking down RINOs in strategic winnable races like TX-32 (just days away). Early wins will build the momentum needed to take down the Mega-RINOs like McConnell on May 20th.

How about each one of us take the same concentrated action and fire our ammo ($$ and time) at the same RINO race each week to make sure our shots for freedom hit the bullseye and actually take down the targeted RINO?

Rush Limbaugh reminds us that the Tea Party and other Constitutionalists are directly under attack from the RINOs.

Pete Sessions is a RINO:
Blocked the Benghazi Investigation
Protected funding for Obamacare
Supports Amnesty
10 Bad Votes per FreedomWorks

Glenn Beck sees Pete Sessions as a RINO that, like McConnell, must be defeated; so he recently took the time to introduce Katrina to his audience.

Katrina Pierson is a real Constitutionalist endorsed by Palin, Cruz (Father & Son), Tea Party Express, FreedomWorks, TX Right to Life and more:

  • Sarah Palin: “Let’s start in Texas. …Katrina Pierson is an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement.”

  • Ted Cruz: “Katrina Pierson is an utterly fearless principled conservative.”

  • Rafael Cruz: “She’s a strict constitutionalist. She’s a strong conservative and she wants to do what’s right.”

  • Tea Party Express Chair, Amy Kremer: “Katrina Pierson and her story are what the Republican Party desperately needs.”

The time for concerted action is now, Right Now!

Will you join us and repeat the Ted Cruz “TX Miracle?” Voters from across the country can take down John Boehner’s ally Pete Session by investing in the victory of Katrina Pierson now with just 10 days to go.

Donate! Volunteer!

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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