Welcome to the Gulag

Happy Independence Day.  Please pardon the scant furnishings and the dust in our temporary headquarters, here at the corner of 1st Amendment & Serfdom Road.  We are Gulag Bound and we are on the run — running to the battle lines, in the war for the American mind.

This site will be greatly expanded, but we cannot wait until it is.  Our nation, that “last, best hope,”  is in crisis and there is critical information to share with you, lest we see an end to America and become slaves to an authoritarian state.

We are Gulag Bound

Come back later today and you will find some of this time intensive knowledge.  There is much we have learned about the  Marxofascist insurrection — from Maurice Strong and George Soros, down to the pervasively Marxist Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, and the latest moves to take advantage of the Gulf crisis for the sake of the global plan dubbed elsewhere as “Crime Inc.”

As for the future, you will see features that we trust will serve you in ways that not only tell you about our crises, but are a part of the solution.

We will also tell you more about who we are.

Mark us — and be sure to come back during the next visitation period.


  1. On America’s birthday, I pray we all find the strength, faith, time, and courage to stand up to say and do what is needed of us. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country,” even if it renders you Gulag Bound!!!

  2. Susan Peterson says

    Hello Arlen & Friends –

    A great day to launch your new site!
    May God bless your efforts to inform & inspire us to take back our beloved America!

    Susan -“Still a Patriot”

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