Evidence of (MS)NBC & YouTube Working Hand in Glove with Soros, ACORN, & Obama in 2008

How so, you ask?

This blog article presents strong evidence, with a satisfactory explanation, albeit not an elaborate essay, to accompany it.  So, who would like to write the essay?  We sure don’t have time tonight, but here is the link to…

NBC/MSNBC & YouTube Teamed with Progressive Orgs with Financial Ties to ACORN in 2008

…in RedState (an unfortunate name, bless their hearts, which is a consequence of the lionized leftist, Tim Russert’s switching the colors on the election map, for NBC and thus, funny how it works, the entire lock-step, goose-step media).

And, if you want an introduction to the dynamics of the Soros, Alinsky, Cloward-Piven, Obama (and Mortgage Meltdown) complex, in 2008, you can always read James Simpson’s “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis, Part II,” plus his other articles in that series.

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