Campaigns to Remove Fox News from TV’s in Public Spaces is funny.  Here’s an email someone received today.

Dear MoveOn member,

Did you hear that Fox News’ parent company came right out and gave a $1 million contribution directly to the Republican party? So much for “fair and balanced.”

Fox News is a problem. Which is why we want to pass on this important email from our friends at ColorOfChange, who’ve just launched a new campaign to get Fox News off of TVs in public spaces. Check it out!

–Ilyse, Robin, Jeff, Marika, and the rest of the team

–————Forwarded message—————
From: James Rucker,
Subject: Glenn Beck vs. Dr. King?

A year ago, Glenn Beck called the president a racist who had a deep-seated hatred for white people.1 In just over a week, he says he will “reclaim”2 the legacy of the civil rights movement by holding his “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.—on the same day and place as Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.3

You can get mad at Beck. You can protest and try to prevent him from stepping on Dr. King’s honor for one day. The reality is that the next day—and five days a week from there on out—Beck will be back on Fox News, speaking to millions and spreading hate, lies, and fear, as he does every week.

The real problem is Fox News. Fox News gives Beck his platform, and Fox promotes his events—all despite Beck losing virtually all of his major advertisers in the last year.

Fox’s rhetoric is not just divisive; it’s dangerous. Last month, a heavily armed man got into a gunfight with police after he was pulled over on his way to kill people at the Tides Foundation4—a non-profit that was little known until Glenn Beck repeatedly demonized it, claiming it to be the center of a great conspiracy.5 Last year, Kansas doctor George Tiller was gunned down while at church6 after Bill O’Reilly called him a Nazi, a “baby killer,” and warned of “Judgment Day.”7

It’s why today we’re launching TurnOffFox, and we hope you’ll join us. TurnOffFox is the first step in our overall effort to beat back the poison, hate, and division of Fox. We’ll get Fox turned off in stores, restaurants, and other public places—places where Fox pulls in new viewers and gains legitimacy. But we need your help.

Click below to declare your household “Fox free” and at the same time call on establishments in your community (and across the country) to follow your lead and turn off Fox. Armed with thousands of signatures, ColorOfChange members will visit businesses in their communities that play Fox, explain how divisive and dangerous it is, and call on them to stop. And we’ll give you a FREE Turn Off Fox sticker when you do—it takes just a moment:

Some people watch Fox at home because it reflects their view of the world; but there are others who see it on TV in public places and assume that it’s legitimate news. Fox News is often on in bars, restaurants, airport lounges, stores—appearing to be real news, while spreading lies and fomenting hate and division.

The goal of Turn Off Fox is to reduce the number of public TVs showing Fox News, while spreading the word about Fox’s poison (and how it works) to those who don’t know.

Signing up for the campaign is just the first step. We make it easy for you to tell us about businesses playing Fox. If you’re willing to talk with them, we’ll provide you with straightforward materials that explain why they shouldn’t be a party to what Fox is doing. And if there are businesses you know that want to tell the world they would never play Fox, you can help them declare themselves a “Fox-free zone.”

As businesses Turn off Fox and stand up as Fox Free, and as we encourage our friends and family to do the same, we’ll help make clear, to people across the country, what Fox is about. And we’ll reduce their ability to do harm.

Click the link below to join us and our partners at in standing up to Fox, and we’ll give you a free TurnOffFox sticker. And then please ask your friends and family to do the same:

Thanks and Peace,

–James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Milton, and the rest of the team

1. “Beck caps off week of race-baiting by calling Obama a ‘racist’,” Media Matters, 07-30-2009

2. “Beck says his 8-28 rally will “reclaim the civil rights movement. … We were the people that did it in the first place’,” Media Matters, 05-26-2010

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“Color of Change,’ by the way?

Are they talking about going red?  Or, Obama’s so royal, UN blue?

“Green is the new red?”

Or… they’re not going racist on us, now are they?

Gulag Note: Links altered in the closing paragraphs.


  1. I want FOXNEWS removed from all public places. I dislike this news network because, of glen beck, bill o’rielly and other like them, bashing The President Of the United States at every turn. They are the one that are unamerican and in my view a buch of money grabbing, a######s that don’t deserve to be heard unless you are in the privacy of your own racist home.

  2. baggersworstnightmare says

    You folks would be funny if you weren’t so sad. If this administration really wanted to put delusional “patriots” like you in gulags, your ass would already be there! This is what you would do in a position of power and so you expect it to be done to you. Madness.

  3. Does it take the wit of those who actually believe the itemized points of propaganda, to write that?

  4. So those on the Left who cry for Free Speech, only want speech that they agree with on the air waves? Wow, you guys are a bunch of morons. You really need a Billionaire run organization (Soros) to dictate one sidedness with no contrasting thought, thus giving them a monopoly of the air waves? Sorry to tell you – businesses won;t back off of Fox – you know why? Look at the ratings you minions. Here’s another Soros move, Free Bumper Stickers – it’s a laugher. Just like Obama – give free stickers, and t-shirts then you buy a vote. You are truly being led by puppet masters who consider you undereducated and willing to buy the snake oil!

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