Trevor Loudon: This Is Very Serious; It Is a Communist Takeover

By: Brent P.
The Right Planet

(Rest of the interview below)

The American people had better wake up to the stark reality that is now confronting us.

Trevor Loudon has tirelessly been touring the U.S. in an effort to warn Americans that this is not your Daddy’s Democratic Party. They mean to upend our present form of government toward a completely socialistic model. And this didn’t just start yesterday. It’s been in the making for decades.

I’m pleased to announce that I have scored an interview with Trevor Loudon when he comes here to Indiana on Feb. 7, 2014 (see link below for details). I just got a confirmation from Trevor (thanks to my good bud Terresa Monroe-Hamilton from Noisy Room) via the Watcher’s Council group. So stay tuned!


You can order Trevor’s books here:

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