A Constitutional Patriot Launches Operation American Spring

An outstanding man and retired military officer has launched an equally outstanding program for actually taking back our country from the c5iminal enterprise now running it and ruling over us.  We thank and offer a salute to Colonel Harry Riley for his service in our military and for his service now.


  • Name: Harry G. Riley, Colonel, U. S. Army
  • Official retirement date: 30 September 1992
  • Total years of federal service: 34 years, 5 months 20 days
  • Military unit: HHC, 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, George G. Meade, Maryland 20755

Colonel Riley graduated from Capon Bridge High School, Capon Bridge, WV; received his BA in Political Science with a minor in Education (teaching certification) from Park College, Parkville, Missouri; and continued graduate work with the University of Oklahoma in International Relations.

Riley-HarryMilitary service Biography: He is a graduate of the Department of Defense Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program and the Army Command and General Staff College.

Colonel Riley was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Military Intelligence, in 1966 through Infantry Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Benning, Georgia. Prior to commissioning he served eight years as an enlisted soldier in various Military Intelligence assignments, entering OCS as a noncommissioned officer. He was promoted to Colonel on 01 May 1989.

His assignments include Executive Officer and Commander, Signals Research unit 2, Zweibruecken, Germany (1966-1968); II Corps Military Intelligence Detachment Advisor, and Combat Assistance team Commander supporting Army of Vietnam 1st Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment Vietnam (1969-1970); Staff Officer and Commander, 2d Operations Battalion, U. S. Army Field station Augsburg, Germany (1976-1979); Staff Officer for the Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence and Management Directorate, Office of the Chief of Staff Army, Pentagon (1979-1984); Division Chief, National Security Agency, Fort Meade Maryland (1984-1986); Commander, 712th Military Intelligence Battalion, Augsburg, Germany (1986-1988); Division Chief, National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland (1988-1991); and Deputy Offlce Chief National Security Agency, Fort Meade 19Q1-1992). Colonel Riley also served additional tours ln Germany (1956-1959); Vietnam (1962); and Thailand (1962-1963) as an enlisted soldier.

He is the recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Air Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal; Army Achievement Medal{ Meritorious unit Award, Air Force Outstanding unit Award, Army Good Conduct Medal (2 Awards), National Defense Service Medal (2 awards), Vietnam Service Medal (5 Campaigns), Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (5), the Army Staff Identification Badge, Parachute Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, and Republic of Vietnam awards to include the Cross or Gallantry with Silver Star.

Colonel Riley is married to the former Mary F. McWilliams of Capon Bridge, West Virginia. Their family includes one daughter, Mary Kathryn and son-in-law, Charles Marino; son Brad and daughter in-law, Molly, son Bryan; and several grandchildren.

The Interview

Sher: Thanks so much for being here, today, Col. Riley. You have taken on quite a task with “Operation American Spring” that has now gone viral on the Internet. Would you tell the readers what inspired you to begin the program, which is designed to lead toward the occupation of Washington D.C. in May?

Col. Riley: Five years of America screaming for some resolution from the tyrannical, dictator like regime that is taking American into the abyss….we’ve shuffled paper to congress, the media, town halls, every conceivable avenue to no avail. America is sinking desperately closer to a dictatorship…Barack Obama has no intention of adhering to the US constitution. The people of Egypt gave me inspiration…they said “enough is enough”, took action by the millions to reach a solution. Their model is applicable to America as we find ourselves in an undesirable, tyrannical regime…..we are not modeling the Egyptian government, nor their military…it’s the action of the Egyptian people we’re modeling. Our government structure is fine, our Founding Fathers were brilliant, so we’re happy with America government structure, except the tyrannical leadership in Washington, D.C.

Sher: During our recent conversation, you indicated that you are working with a small staff to accomplish your goals. After so many recent firings of our military leaders, one would think these leaders would be ready to expose Barack Obama for whom and what he really is. Why do you think so many high-ranking military men have been reluctant to say anything about this man who is openly and systematically destroying the USA and its Constitution; the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold?

Col. Riley: We have a number of high ranking military leaders who are in support of a gigantic “movement to action” in D.C. as we discuss in www.patriotsforamerica.ning.com We are witnessing exponential attention and emphasis from “grass roots” America. That’s where this mission, Operation American Spring is coming from.

Sher: Please give us an overview of what you hope to accomplish with Operation American Spring and how you plan to accomplish it.

Col. Riley: Our stated goal is “constitutional restoration”. We can only do that by removing criminal, self-serving politicians who are in leadership positions in Washington, D.C. We list those on our web site but here is a start of those to remove: Barack Obama; Joe Biden, Harry Reid; Mitch McConnell; John Boehner; Nancy Pelosi; and Eric Holder.

Sher: The new National ID Law–which is eerily reminiscent and has many of the same earmarks of NAZI Germany’s travel restriction laws–are due to be enacted this year and completed by 2017. Both DHS and the TSA have been named as the primary agencies to enforce this “papers please” unconstitutional action. If, indeed, it is being enforced by May of this year, do you see it as being a tool for the federal government to restrict if not stop those who are traveling to attend the D.C. planned protest and occupation?

Col. Riley: Nothing will stop America from going to D.C. unless a martial law is enacted, stopping all traffic completely. But, I’m not convinced our military will obey Barack Obama if he does in fact call for martial law……America will not stand for it for sure. What justification is there for martial law? Operation American Spring is totally peaceful, non-violent, unarmed except for our constitution and Biblical principles. Would a government that adheres to the constitution fear the voice of the American people? A government of tyrannical leaders would…so what do we have. Operation America Spring will be a gigantic, massive gathering of America, reflecting the greatest “Town Hall Meeting” in history, anywhere.

Sher: Are there any particular areas where you need the most assistance in bringing this program into reality? Where can those who want to help you make this effort as successful as is possible get in touch with you?

Col. Riley: Our central coordination point is www.patriotsforamerica.ning.com Those who love freedom, liberty, and want to see our Constitution restored, should join us. Read the mission, assumptions, concept of operation, and dialogue…tell us what you can do to support the mission and we will find a place on our staff teams…this “movement to action” will not be easy, not for the faint heart………but in America we rise to threats and the Obama regime and his lackeys in Congress are the enemy.

Sher: Colonel, thanks again for your time and we hope you’ll get back with us and provide regular updates.

Col. Riley: My pleasure…may God guide what we believe is an honorable action, guaranteed to America by our Constitution, Declaration of Independence. Our Founding Fathers were sheep dogs in guarding the flock and taking the fight to wolves… Operation American Spring is a “movement to action” by modern “sheep dogs.”


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  1. In Egypt, what gave the uprising to remove former President Morsi and his cabinet from power legitimacy, given that he had been duly elected?

    Tamrod, the name of the group that organized the uprising, began a petition drive to collect signatures of Egyptian voters calling for the removal of former President Morsi from office.

    No love lost for Obama, but he was elected.

    Yes, the Democratic and Republican Congressional leadership in the House and Senate have failed to uphold their oath of office in not holding Obama to account for his gross violations of our Constitutional liberties.

    To give legitimacy to this protest, in addition to the march, and the plan to have people stay behind, there needs to be a petition drive to collect signatures of more Americans than voted for Obama nationally and for the House and Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle in their respective State wide and Congressional elections.

    Otherwise …. because unlike Egypt, we do have a process to remove a President and Vice-President from office. We also have a process to remove elected officials from office … and if people are going to short circuit that process, just having 10 million people showing up demanding action and 1 million people staying behind and continuing the call for action is not enough …

    So, unless this effort is coupled with a successful petition drive, while people’s enthusiasm is admirable, our energy is better spent on the upcoming primaries and following that the general election.


    Just my two cents worth.

  2. Press release January 04, 2013



    Just as the 1836 battle of the Alamo was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution, so have been the one million truckers, the biker run and the veteran march on DC. Important but they were ignored, cast aside as little more than irritants by the White House and Congress. Disdain toward “we the people” must and will stop.

    These patriotic initiatives were pivotal events that had, like the Alamo, the opposite effect desired by the corrupted government officials of the USA. After the Alamo slaughter, reinforcements came and turned around the war. Operation American Spring will do the same.

    Like sheep dogs that protect the sheep from ravenous wolves, Operation American Spring will produce modern day sheep dogs taking up the struggle with the resolve of our Founding Fathers. The sheep dogs are gathering, we have the shepherds, our eagle claws are being sharpened, eyes focused, and we have the commitment to stand up and challenge government leaders in Washington, D.C. who are reflecting tyrannical, despotic behavior.

    We are the Patriots who will begin the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America. “We the People” are picking this fight, not because we want it, we have no other choice. We will struggle with a determination that politicians are unfamiliar with…willingness to strive to the last full measure of our being for our country, rather than surrender to self-serving, betraying, corrupt elected officials.

    We will no longer tolerate being ignored by those who were elected to be servants of “we the people”, but evolved into ravenous wolves seeking self gratification, trying to tear America and our Constitution asunder to enslave us.

    God willing, we will hasten our nation to Constitution principles that were laid out by our Founding Fathers, the original sheep dogs. The sheep will once again graze on the plains of the American Dream in peace, liberty, and freedom. Wolves will be banished.

    Operation American Spring will launch the first phase of the plan beginning on May 16, 2014 in Washington, DC. Visit http://www.patriotsforamerica.ning.com for more details and learn how you can help make it happen.

    • May 2014 will be a turning point in History, because the Primary Elections that month will determine if the Republican Party becomes an instrument of the People, or if it goes down the path of the Rino.

      Duh! I’ve got an idea! Let’s make sure all the Patriots are out of town most of the month of May, wandering around DC looking for bathrooms instead of staying home and participating in the elections!

      Who do you think came up with the idea for this? Instead of “Operation American Spring”, they should call it the “Rhino Waller”.

      The Mysterious Col. and his Satanic General are Establishment Operatives. They are not on the People’s side. If the Tea Party can’t see through this, they win the Darwin Award.


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