National Service Corps & Automatic Enlistment For Freshmen

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Welcome to high school. Now drop and give me 50.

The entire freshman class at Carvers Bay High School has been automatically enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, a military-sponsored program that trains high school students in military discipline and concepts. Principal Richard Neal, a Navy veteran, said the school’s Marine Corps JROTC class is fulfilling the student’s physical education requirement and is part of the school’s Ninth Grade Academy.

But Charles Holloway, the parent of a freshman student at Carvers Bay, said he did not want his son in that program and when he asked that his son be taken out, his son was put in a class by himself.Holloway said he feels his son was being punished for not wanting to take part in that class.

As a mom who had two high schoolers who voluntarily participated in JROTC, I am very troubled by any school that automatically enrolls all students in a military program requiring uniforms, marching in formation, and studies of military strategy.

I also know that there is very little physical exercise involved in the  program. Most of the curriculum is aimed at developing discipline, conformity and obedience to the chain of  authority.

Is this a precursor of the Obama National Service Corp, which mandates that every citizen serve a two year stint in intensive community service… or.. is it simply a reformulation of the  Youth League of the National Socialist Workers’ Party (NSDAP) a.k.a., Hitlejugend?

h/t: Anthony G Martin, “Is the Government Pushing High School Students into Junior ROTC Programs?


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