Where Do We Go from Here America? Will there be Anything Left?

Obama-Communist-FactsWe warned you in 2008 not to vote for this man unless and until you had vetted him.  You did not listen, you refused to vet him and voted for the honey-laced lies that dripped from his lips.

For over five years, we have warned you about  the increasing loss of liberty via illegal Executive Orders that are now treated as laws (even by a thoroughly cowed and supplicant Congress) and the removal of the ability to provide for yourselves (including the federal government’s abject theft of the little you had left) that the totalitarian-terrorist ObamaGov was installing in your cities and demanding you accept.

It has happened and is now happening in the light of day, can be fully perceived by all with even moderately functional eyes, ears, brains and their attendant minds that we have become–almost overnight–a fully functioning dictatorship.

Note:  I hear over and over again the question “How can Obama get away with ignoring the Constitution and our other laws?”  As I’ve continued to write since the beginnings of Obama’s Reign of Terror “if no one stops him, he can do anything he wants.”  In the last couple of years, even the top talk show host in the nation has also started saying it.

Military leaders who support the US Constitution and have indicated they will not fire on their fellow citizens in the event of manufactured False-Flag events in order to instill and install Martial Law have been fired and more firings are on the way.  Obama demands a military that is fully-subordinate to him and will follow any order he gives them…including those that dismiss the US Constitution and recognize him as Supreme Leader.  He is doing it and getting away with it.

ObamaCare gives the dictator-in-chief not only control over your body but, over your assets, your activities and what you think via what you say.  It is an all-encompassing document of increasing horror for those who refused to pay attention to it in the past and are now being destroyed by it.   It calls upon everyone else to pay for those who have been on welfare for generations (aka “those who refuse to work at a real job”)  and is the culmination of the Marxist-Democrat plans that have been in place for many decades.

The National ID Law takes effect in 2014 and will be enforced by the Obama-controlled DHS, TSA (which has had its police power expanded almost exponentially by Obama) and any other agency the dictator deems.  It may soon no longer be acceptable to use State-issued drivers’ licenses as identification.  The ObamaGov is summarily taking over every aspect of States’ authority and replacing it with his own.

Congress holds one after another hearings on the illegal goings-on within the Obama syndicate, while Obama’s lackeys testify with open and documented lies or simply refuse to answer questions at all by falling back on the hated-by-them US Constitution’s Fifth Amendment when it benefits them.  US AG Eric Holder still (illegally) refuses to give Congress the information it has subpoenaed and “leaders” in Congress throw up their hands and say “What can we do?  They won’t cooperate!”

Obama, Brennan

Obama, Brennan

Indeed, what can we do when a criminal and terrorist organization takes over the USA?  With the exception of a military coup (which seems less and less likely with the removal of top brass committed to the continuation of our dying-due-to-murder Republic), there are at least two remedies.  The first would be arrest(s) of those named on charges of treason.  That would occur only if a prosecutor in a US State’s county summons the Grand Jury for that county and recommends the indictments be issued.  Although, multiple (deemed “meritorious”) charges of treason have already been filed in multiple States there is–thus far–no prosecutor in the USA courageous enough to take this on.

The one last chance we appear to have is that the Republican Party take back both Houses of Congress and it needs a super-majority in the Senate. In that way, we can at least begin to undo a great deal of the severe damage Obama has done to us and our country. I have been and am no fan of the “establishment-wing” of the GOP.   To me, they are merely Democrat plants.  However, our choice is now down to–literally–life and death.  The Obama Police State is growing exponentially while we worry about Duck Dynasty and people are now having their homes broken into by police for possession of “legal guns” if said Police State believes they have too many, they need to be “registered” (a wonderful suppressive trick pulled by both Hitler and Stalin) or some other recently ‘made-up’ law.  Note:  There are now so many of these that I won’t include them but, can be found by entering key words police arrests legal guns.

During the last election, it was estimated that between 3-4 million American conservatives stayed home and didn’t vote because Romney wasn’t whom they had wanted as a candidate.  Hmmm.  We see where that has gotten us…don’t we?  If we will have and exhibit the courage to take back our government we will have the chance to take the GOP back to its root principles.  This truly is our last viable chance.  If we do not take back our country in 2014…it really will be gone forever.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
–Isaiah 41:10

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
–Philippians 4:13

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