Special Message to Obama Voters (quick vid, ‘The End of the Beginning’)


The End of the Beginning


An epic indictment of the lying fraud that is currently disgracing our White House and his disastrous health care law by Bill Whittle.


  1. Bill Whittle is simply the best at putting out these types of videos. As much as I love Bill, the idiots who vote for the democratic party will continue to do so. Everything he said is right on the money, but we’ve become a nation where over fifty percent of the people are fools who care more about what’s happening on American Idol and America’s Got Talent than they do about their own freedom. Bill will be remembered as an honest man who tried to warn us before it was too late. He will also be remembered as someone that the fools ignored. While his appeal would convince an educated electorate, the left has been dumbing down our populous for years. Most liberals therefore argue and reason like children. There is simply no getting through to them.

    By the way, as someone who has worked as a volunteer researcher for Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse for nearly two years, the smoking gun has been found with regard to Obama’s document fraud. The information should be out in less than ninety days. The same media that sold the American people on Obamacare will go into panic mode as they scramble to protect him. It will be a case of asking the American people whether they believe the media or their own eyes this time around. I predict half will believe the media.


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