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David Dinkins

David Dinkins is the former Mayor of New York City. He presided over the Big Apple in the early 1990s, at one of its lowest points. Crime, sleaze, poverty and corruption were at their peak during Dinkins’ tenure.

Dinkins is a Marxist – a long time member of Democratic Socialists of America.

Dinkins rose through the Democratic Party organization in Harlem and became part of an influential group of socialist/communist African-American politicians that included Percy Sutton, Basil Paterson, Denny Farrell and Charles Rangel. As an investor, Dinkins was one of fifty African American investors who helped Percy Sutton found Inner City Broadcasting Corporation in 1971. He served briefly in the New York State Legislature and for many years, as New York City Clerk.

He was elected Manhattan Borough President in 1985 on his third run for that office. He was elected the city’s Mayor on November 7, 1989, having defeated three-term incumbent Mayor Ed Koch and two others to win the Democratic nomination and going on to narrowly defeat Rudy Giuliani, the Republican candidate.

In 1977, both Manhattan Borough president candidates David Dinkins (then City Clerk) and Ronnie Eldridge were members of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee.

Dinkins joined Democratic Socialists of America when it was founded in 1982.

He continued to work with, and appoint Marxists, through his term of office.

Dinkins currently serves as Professor of Public Affairs at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. He hosts Dialogue with Dinkins, a public affairs radio program and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the board of the American Stock Exchange, among many other organizations


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