Sing About Getting Obamacare, Go Flaming Gay

Sequel to, “Talk About Getting Obamacare, Go Gay

Thank you CJ in TX for sharing…

…this, via Canada Free Press…

Phil Robertson can’t cite Scripture, but these prancing dudes are brought to you by ObamaCare!

…which exposes this video…

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  1. I hardly have “a big thing” about homosexual versus other chosen sins, but apparently very many homosexuals are so obsessed with its justification they try to make it sacred and law — and that’s a big problem for our whole society.

  2. I appreciate the words you chose in your comment about it Arlen… not a big thing…vs. other chosen sins. that’s it for me as well! Everyone knows in their hearts and minds when they first learn of this perversion, that it is just that. But we get conditioned, and as a libertarian leaning individual, I adamantly believe its not the government’s job to get involved in what consenting adults do in their private places. BUT that’s not where we are any longer…they scream about it, they shove it into our faces. But most egregious is how they are indoctrinating our children. The poor souls whose screwed up “mothers” tell them to “change their sex” as children! that is pure evil and nothing but a sick kind of child abuse. Those young men in the video which I will NOT watch because that would be giving to to much attention, they are sad, perverse and probably doomed people. Wish it was not so them, because all life is precious. Very sad for the children of the modern perverse world.

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