Graphic of the Hour: ‘Bad Move A&E’



  1. These are the times when finally a voice gets through the oppressive culture and reverberates through this country. A voice that can not be silenced and a voice of many. This too is my voice, my heart, my spirit which joins Phil Robertson. Bold and honest and a belief of core convictions that are not for sale. How refreshing and noble. He is definitely in the kitchen. I smile knowing, that for Phil, the heat is just fine.

  2. Not so fast. The right had forfeited the angst to go toe to toe and land a punch that sucks the air out of the progressive lungs. Liken to a wilted pansy as spring emerges we all have bowed to the throne of complacency. There’s power in numbers and more so with the ability to ignore our selfish wants and actually boycott a left wing nut company. We want the gravy train and sit idle hoping someone else will do the work. This is a call for revolution out of a self indulgent pity party to an awakening of : if not me than who? Fight back, all of us while there is still a place resembling America.

  3. Well said, Kate. We owe it to God and in Him to our neighbors, to tell them the truth, whether they like it or not.

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