Talk About Getting Obamacare, Go Gay

We ascertain that Obamacare itself is maliciously destructive sabotage in process, really on a war crimes level as Rep. Jan Schakowsky and other treasonous Democrats laid out — and as her check kiting husband designed from prison.

And just as I begin to be convinced their own ludicrously fouled up Web site, still with data security missing, has to be a part of the intentional sabotage, something like this comes out. (Sorry, no pun intended.) What’s a man to think?

And now, just as with Barry’s excellent adventure into shooting and poor Girl, this graphic originally tweeted by “The One” himself, is making the rounds…. Tell you what. If I get enough of my real work done so it’s on agenda for my campaign announcement on Andrea Shea King’s Radio Patriot program, Thursday night (9:30 ET) then I’ll probably attempt to chronicle the treatments Pajamas Boy is getting.

They resort to driving their perceived base like cattle rustlers: duped inner city blacks who want to stay on Paternalism Plantation, scofflaw Hispanics, whatnot perceived “minorities,” girls who want to be just as bad as bad boys in bed, and girls who want girls and boys who want boys. I can’t really imagine it but maybe if I were gay and so targeted for the psyops, I’d be smart enough to be offended.

By the way, how do you like our “Commander in Chief” calling out specific members of Congress, to tow the line for his illegal alien amnesty sabotage?


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