Gotta Hand it to Ann Coulter, Skewering CastrObama

Coulter-Ann-trustI disagreed vehemently with Ms. Coulter’s participation in the propaganda campaign against independent-thinking conservative, turned wayward transnationalist, turned distinctively pro-sovereignty, Newt Gingrich and her support instead of the central bankster cartel’s man for the GOP’s presidential nomination, Mitt Romney.

We see how nicely that turned out.

But, we can all make mistakes.

Her excellent efforts to tell the basic truth about illegal immigration and the fast path to amnesty, government dependence, and debauched, Democrat voting citizenship have begun to make up for it. It’s fun to make up.

Well, and this helps too.


Handshake sure, fine, but notice the intent, eager, deferential, nearly another… bow….


Was he bending to Mao’s “righteous wind” at his back, again?

Did he ask Raoul for his autograph?

Trevor Loudon’s take….

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