Phyllis Bennis: US Leading Anti-Israel Jew Explains Herself

New Zeal

Phyllis Bennis is one America’s leading Anti-Israel activists. She is Jewish and for much of her life, a communist.


Currently she runs the New Internationalism Project at the highly influential and extreme left Institute for Policy Studies.

In 2001, she helped found the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation. She advises several leading United Nations officials on Palestine and in 2013, was in the running to become the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Territories.

In the past, she has been active in Students for a Democratic Society, the far left National Lawyers Guild and the pro-China, turned pro-Soviet, Line of March.

Here she explains her transition from a Los Angeles Zionist Youth activist, to becoming one of Israel’s most effective enemies in the United States.

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