Mandela’s Passing: Let’s Not Deceive Ourselves


Nelson Mandela is dead at 95. He is an iconic figure of the Left, and was the most highly recognized leader of a movement that dismantled South Africa’s Apartheid government. Mandela was no doubt a tough man, having survived twenty seven years in South African prisons. But make no mistake, he was a communist who loudly proclaimed the virtues of other murderous communists like Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat.

While a lot of his activities were whitewashed following his election as South Africa’s first post-Apartheid president, and creation of a “coalition” government in South Africa, he actually followed Robert Mugabe’s leadership model in Zimbabwe. That is, having established themselves in power, the communists waited until the international media spotlight moved elsewhere to begin dismantling the highly successful capitalist economy that had existed before.

During its Apartheid years, South Africa was the migratory destination for Africans all over the continent because even under Apartheid, blacks in South Africa lived better than they did in countries ruled by communist black leaders. Apartheid, like all artificial economic barriers, was also collapsing under its own weight, as economic prosperity chipped away at its restrictive policies. Allowing it to die on its own would have enabled South Africa to preserve what was good, i.e. their vibrant economy, while slowly transitioning to a majority ruled government.

Today South Africa is rapidly sliding toward Zimbabwe, where government rape, theft and murder of blacks and whites alike is the norm. While the leadership lives like parasitic kings on the dying host of their nation, the country itself is headed into the sewer. Despite his charisma and charm, Mandela has to be recognized as the father of the malevolent forces now at work throughout Africa, turning that continent into a wasteland of misery and poverty.

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