ON FOX NEWS? Will Big Media & Congress Defend Elliott & Tucker? + Likely Reason Obama IRS Audited Them


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Original post, Monday Dec. 2, 6:47am CT


Part 1: Will our heroes do something?

Part 2: How Elliott and Tucker represent the smoking gun of Obamacare sabotage


We will update in Gulag Bound and Storify, until this hits big media…

Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott

Andrew Breitbart and C. Steven Tucker

Andrew Breitbart and C. Steven Tucker


  1. Get the story to Megyn Kelly

  2. Thank you Arlen for taking the time to cover this story. People just don’t seem to understand that this story is not just about C Steven Tucker and Bill Elliott and their problems with the IRS which occurred after both men spoke out publicly against Obamacare. Media outlets who are only covering the story NOW because of the IRS audit/targeting – are ignoring the bigger story. The bigger story has ALWAYS been about informing the millions of Americans who are losing their health insurance that there are existing laws that can help them keep their current health insurance policies. Bill Elliott, a cancer patient that appeared on the The Kelly File, informed Megyn Kelly that due to the President’s lies and the high cost of a new health plan, he was resigned to do nothing and “just let nature take its course.” But thanks to C. Steven Tucker, Nikki Haley and others that reached out to Bill, his story has a happy ending. Bill used existing HIPPA laws to fight back and get his health insurance policy reinstated. Unfortunately, much of the coverage of Bill’s story has only been in the new media outlets, with the help of bloggers like you and IOwntheWorld. Major media outlet like Fox News who have a duty and responsibility to inform the American public are ignoring this aspect of the story. This is a grave disservice to to the millions of Americans who are getting My Cancellation notices right now and don’t know that their are existing laws in place to protect them. Many of these cancelled policy holders are their viewers, who like Bill Elliott, have resigned themselves to go without insurance or will pay the high cost of an “Obamacare” approved health plans which don’t allow them to keep their current doctors and hospitals. This is THE STORY that the media outlets and MSM are ignoring. THIS is the THE STORY that could help preserve life-saving treatments for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions. Why isn’t anyone telling THIS STORY?????

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