Obama’s IRS Attack of Cancer Victim Bill Elliott & Patriot, C. Steven Tucker


Interview: C. Steven Tucker After the IRS Audit Hit Job on Bill Elliott & Himself


You think you can spend Thanksgiving weekend catching up on a few things in peace? Not when you’re keeping an eye on Obamacare, Obamunism, and its neo-fascist IRS. So now they’re directly attacking a cancer victim that they’ve already further victimized (threatening his life) and the healthcare insurance analyst that helped him.

Bill Elliott and C. Steven Tucker both got letters from the IRS, on the same day, just before Thanksgiving, that they are being audited. Yes. This man and Tuck, who helped him.


Here’s how it played out and fits into the whole “BFD”:




  1. Obama administration is using intimidation with shades of fascism. There is no excuse for using the IRS, the FBI, or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for political intimidation. It is illegal with overtones of fascism and communism. These actions are hostile to our Constitutional Republic and you have a duty as an American Patriot to revolt and resist it.

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