Official Analyses of Obama’s Alleged Frauds Delivered to Members of Congress

by a patriot activist


Larry Klayman, of Freedom Watch, at Reclaim America Now rally

(Washington DC)  In a coordinated effort to bring Barack Obama’s forged identity documentation into the light of scrutiny, fifteen unpaid volunteers from California, Oklahoma, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia walked the halls of Congress this week delivering “Sheriff’s Kits” directly to Congresspersons, Senators and staff alike.

The cavernous Rayburn, Cannon, and Dierksen buildings were canvassed for hours, on the so-called “fly-in day” (Monday) and the first workday of the week for many of our public servants, Tuesday.

Additionally, approximately half of the 200 or so “Reclaim America Now” rally-goers, assembled at nearby Lafayette Park on Tuesday, received kits as well.

Each Sheriff’s Kit consists of concise, letter-sized packet the size of an instruction booklet. The bulk of the kit is the May 15, 2013 sworn affidavit of Detective Michael Zullo of the Maricopa County, Arizona Cold Case Posse. Zullo’s work over the past two years is a reflection not only of his efforts, but also of his core team of six investigators as well as resources gathered from hundreds of concerned citizens in both the public and the private sector.


Joseph Farah of (speaking) with Larry Klayman

Rep. Joe Wilson gets a Cold Case Posse Sheriff's Kit

Rep. Joe Wilson receives a Cold Case Posse Sheriff’s Kit

Zullo also has in his possession an attestation of forgery by certified document examiner and expert witness Reed Hayes of Hawaii, and voluminous evidence of the forgery of the Selective Service “registration card” presented by Obama. The receipt of the packets was documented with photos taken at the point of contact and office sign-ins. The effort appears to be working: Chris Matthews called it and other recent public statements about impeachment “a fusillade of attacks…”

Organizers Mike Volin and Miki Booth brought together the informal team through e-mails and the website,

The team broke into smaller groups, of two or three each, personally delivering the kit and forgery press conference DVD’s to the offices with a brief explanation of the contents. Several had private meetings with internal office staff, and others met directly with Congressmen Kevin McCarthy (R-California), Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina), and Rob Wittman (R-Virginia). Approximately 100 offices were reached in just two days. Follow-up efforts will be ongoing.

Sheriff's Kit to Brad Dacus, Attorney, Pacific Justice Institute

Sheriff’s Kit to Brad Dacus, Attorney, Pacific Justice Institute

Projected image of allegedly forged Obama Selective Service registration, Sonoron News

Projected image of allegedly forged Obama Selective Service registration, Sonoran News

Bob Barr, Reclaim America Now rally

Bob Barr at podium with Larry Klayman, Reclaim America Now rally

Reclaim America Now ralliers

Reclaim America Now ralliers


Reclaim America Now rally, November 19, 2013

© Ellen Field, text and photos


  1. God bless these volunteers!

  2. Failure to act when one is aware of a crime is to tacitly participate in said crime. Representatives that are aware of the corruption and treason and fail to act are themselves guilty of aiding and abetting.

  3. Their next stop should be all MEDIA OUTLETS to include Cable and Satellite companies! They are all complicit and enablers of the biggest fraud, hoax, sedition and infiltration ever perpetrated in America.

    Who the others are that said: It’s not a lie, it’s perception

  4. More to come…

  5. Where can I get a copy of this packet?

  6. Thank you for your efforts. History will record you as the avante guard of this effort that will reclaim our Country!

  7. I would like to say,I read an article by Dave Daubenmire,on the Newswithviews site called:”the president is always under oath”. It is 100% correct and to the point.He says that our president needs to be ARRESTED, because he has broken his oath so many times, I fully agree with that!
    I would like to state, that our Declaration of Independence tells us that if our government is destructive to it’s peoples welfare,it is our responsibility to alter or abolish such government [may i clarify]not to get rid of the government but the leadership that is at fault.
    I am one of the five coordinators of our local tea party group here in central N.Y. state,If there is anyone who would like to be a part of demanding this be done,I would love to help organize that,please contact me Thank you all, Charlie

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