Caught on Video: Gov 2.0, Big-Data Despotism for Obamacare (& NSA, Smart Meter Data?)


“Someone did that….”


Directly from Project Veritas; James O’Keefe & company:

Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Private Health Care Data

Nov 20, 2013

Do you know where your personal data is going?

After meeting with several Obamacare Navigators who openly encouraged our undercover reporters to lie about income status, health history and more, it became clear that personal data was also being “cross-pollinated.”

Enter Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare and Chris Tarango, Texas Enroll America Communications Director who Project Veritas caught on tape agreeing to help obtain a private list of potential Obamacare enrollee data for election/political purposes. Tarango goes so far to say he’ll “Do whatever it f****** takes.”

Watch the video below!

Project Veritas video:
Enroll America Director Conspires to Release Private Data for Political Purpose

continues with appeal for funding

And since the scheming involves our critically private healthcare data and whatever associated financial information, what about all that other data?

How about all those revelations by Edward Snowden? What about that data?

And what about smart meters, tracking of our automobile travel, telephone usage, emails, snail mails, instant messages, automobile travel, etc.? How about credit card and bank records? What about the use of drones? Then, there was the White House arrogation of the U.S. Census process and its data; got to have a baseline, after all.

Technocracy’s data control fascism

See the list posted here, as many were engaged in Independence Day celebrations, “Snowden vs. National Security? It’s the Domestic Totalitarian Technocracy, Stupid!

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