WachDogWire: MI Upton’s ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act’ Reveals Voter Discontent

By: Dick Manasseri
WatchDog Wire


But is H.R. 3350 just lipstick on a pig?

Thirty-nine House Democrats decided that the stench of Obamacare was getting too close for comfort. They actually voted with Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI-06) and the Republicans, on the #Keep Your Health Plan Act, to legislatively fix the “if you like your policy” Obama lie that suddenly has hit a nerve with an otherwise comatose electorate.

Could it be that the folks back home finally understand fraud when they see it? Ninety-three million Americans will lose the policies they like. The White House knew it and repeatedly and knowingly lied that this would not happen.

Could it be that the sticker shock of outrageously high premiums, deductibles, and co-pays is transforming enough distracted voters into ‘radical Constitutionalists’ that might vote to protect their paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle?

Upton claims that for the quarter million Michigan households that have received cancellation notices “it’s cancellations today and sticker shock tomorrow.”

But wait. Do certain Michigan House Democrats have such a lock on their districts that they can afford to continue to parade the pig without any makeup?

Ways and means ranking member Sander M. Levin (D-MI-06) said (regarding the Upton legislation) that “Republicans are on a mission of destruction.” Rep. John Dingell, (D-MI-12) referred to the horror of returning to the “junk” policies that were sold by “snake oil salesman.” Are Levin and Dingell that confident that their left-leaning districts covet the single payer “utopia” just on the other side of Obamacare, so much that they are still willing to kiss the pig?

This is confusing because Rep. Gary Peter, D-Mich, documented socialist and candidate for state-wide office, turned his back on Obama and voted with the Republicans to apply cosmetics ASAP.

Confusing, because Congressmen Upton, (Dave) Camp, and (Mike) Rogers voted against defunding Obamacare just a few weeks ago.

Now they are scurrying to restrain the greased porker that they let loose.

Dick Manasseri, a resident of Rochester Hills, is a big fan of the US Constitution, doing whatever he can to preserve and protect it for his children and grandchildren.


Gulag Note: This entry does not reflect any overall support of Rep. Fred Upton, who has a very troublesome record in elected office.

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