Bill O’Reilly Calling Wise, Informed, and Scrutinizing Patriots, ‘Kooks’

Bill O'Reilly at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, 9/30/2010, Wikipedia photo

Bill O’Reilly at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, 9/30/2010, Wikipedia photo

Tonight, Bill O’Reilly labeled as “kooks,” those of us who are honest and responsible scrutinizers of who should or should not be our Commander in Chief. He nearly called us racists, to boot.

Never mind the readily apparent fraudulence of Barack Obama’s purported birth certificate and draft registration.

Never mind the lifelong co-commitments with communists.

Never mind the lifelong affinity for Islam and Islamists. (He has been effectively indicted in Egypt for conspiracy, for his administration’s murderous work with Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood – anti-Christian, anti-Israeli, and anti-Egyptian sovereignty.)

Never mind the historical interjection of John Jay into the Constitution’s requirements for Commander in Chief that he be not merely a Citizen, nor a “native” Citizen, but a “natural born” Citizen.

Never mind so many other critically important facts that we all relate with each other and which the O’Reilly Factor and Fox News either squelch or censor-out altogether.

It seems that watching the O’Reilly Factor is a sign – that one is neglecting something much more worthwhile. I wonder if the man’s ghost writer is chagrined at this fellow who purports to simply want to get the facts out to the folks.

The video of his chat with the neo-Marxist Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree follows the Oprah Winfree vignette, below. Way below.



  1. Bill you are as ASS. Only you are indeed perfect. The difference between you and Obama is ZERO. Both of you think you are better than everybody else.

  2. Indeed! I gave up watching this blowhard about four years ago… when he practically led the charge to stifle the truth about the obama fraud. And he lost a previously loyal viewer.

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